NelesAce™ basis weight control valve

Superior element for basis weight control

NelesAce™ basis weight control valve

NelesAce is the ultimate solution for basis weight control which is one of the most critical applications for a valve in a paper machine. The unit consists of a reliable V-port segment valve, complete with a high-resolution step-motor-driven rotary actuator, limit switches, and potentiometer.


Compatible with virtually all leading quality control systems

High rangeability and high resolution conformance

Assures consistent paper grade quality

Flexibility to operate on a variety of inputs


The NelesAce control unit's unique feature to run valve with various step sizes, depending on error between actual and desired flow rate, makes it a superior element for basis weight control. Any error can be eliminated quickly and accurately without overshooting. This helps to reduce settling time during grade change.


  • Paper machines basis weight control



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