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Meet our colleagues from all over the world and take a peek into #NelesLife. Would you like to join our enthusiastic, committed and professional team?

Tuomo Heiskanen

“My job is to manage Lappeenranta`s valve and pump production on daily basis. One of the best things about this job is that I`m never bored and there’re lots of things to do and develop continuously. My best work-related memories are from business trips to many locations all over the world.

Making excellent products and helping our customers to succeed in their own work keeps me motivated every day. I also have real professionals as my colleagues."

Tuomo Heiskanen, Production Manager, Lappeenranta, Finland

Johanna Puranen, Finland

"What I like most in my job, is working with customer cases. It makes me happy, when I can help our customers find the best solution for their process applications. I enjoy that my daily tasks are diverse: every customer case is different and working in the testing laboratory with development projects gives a good balance to office work.

I have a smile on my face almost every day when I come to work, since my colleagues are very nice and competent. The days run fast with them."

Johanna Puranen, Elastomer Specialist, Lappeenranta, Finland

Richardson Maurissaint, Finland

"I work actively with cross-functional teams to provide quality products and services to fulfill our customers' needs. One of the things that motivates me in my work is seeing the results, the positive outcomes of my contribution, especially when tackling new challenges that involves thinking outside the box. Our team is one of the best groups."

Richardson Maurissaint, Technical Product Manager, Valves, Lappeenranta, Finland

Gonzalo Silva, Chile

"From very experienced people to younger ones eager to learn and perform, the team is unique in its diversity; together we create a great combination of knowledge and motivation that drives us to look for new opportunities and find solutions to our problems every day. We have together developed a space where everyone is encouraged to share their opinion and where everyone’s opinion counts."

Gonzalo Silva, Valves Regional Manager


Anu Voutilainen, Finland

"Women can turn metal just as well as men can."

"Machining requires precision and offers challenges. I like to learn new things to improve myself. We have a great team here. I can always turn to my co-workers if I have questions. Neles is a very safe workplace." 

Anu Voutilainen, machinist

Jing Cao, Finland

"I have inspiring and experienced colleagues who are always willing to guide and assist. What does Neles culture mean to me? I have realized that we are more than a bunch of individuals, we are a team. At Neles, everyone feels valued. As a foreigner, I feel welcomed here, and my culture has been respected. Everyone is treated fairly and equally. Neles provides employees with the freedom and space to innovate, to be creative and to be able to improve continuously."

Jing Cao, Project Engineer, Vantaa, Finland

Sunny An, Korea

"At Neles, I have an excellent opportunity to work in a fast-changing global environment together with passionate and committed colleagues from all over the world, which makes my every day quite exciting and challenging. What I like most about our colleagues is the mutual respect we have for one another and for the work we do. We support each other and show our appreciation!

Join us, and you will find that you can fully apply your skills and contribute to our business success – while working with great colleagues."

Sunny An, Head of HR, Neles Asia Pacific 

Jeremy Funkhouser, USA

"I enjoy that every day is different with different challenges to be tackled. You are consistently learning new things that help you grow as an employee. Currently, I am working on process improvements for the entire plant. I work with the other global ME managers to take best practices and implement them here.

We have a great group of people, from all different backgrounds and educations, that love coming in every day and working as a team to achieve the best outcome for the company."

Jeremy Funkhouser, Manufacturing Engineering Manager

Susan Moodley, South Africa

"I am extremely privileged to work with an amazing team of individuals who work cohesively to achieve the best results. We have a wonderful mix of high spirited, energetic personalities that create a fun work environment. I enjoy that each day poses a different challenge and brings variation to my workflow; it’s never a dull day at Neles South Africa.

The culture at Neles is fantastic and makes it a great company to work for. I trust that the new Neles is going to provide many new growth opportunities for the staff as well as for the organization."

Susan Moodley, Junior Business Partner, VAL F&A Controlling Africa ZA 

Kari Rimpisalo, Finland

"The customers are the spice of my work. I keep in contact with my customers on a daily basis, and we work together to solve any problems. Our work community is not passive in any way. We keep going forward, we search for new and better solutions, and we take care of our customers and witness their success. If the customer does not succeed, we don’t either."

Kari Rimpisalo, Sales Manager, Kemi Service Center

Thuymy Huynh, USA

"My job is to ensure that my team is aware of day-to-day targets and responsibilities, and I'm also responsible for training new members. I feel respected and valued for what I bring to the team, while I can also learn and expand my knowledge. I really like the collaborated environment where everyone is there for each other.

The management treats employees with fairness and understanding. Every one of us has a clear goal/objective when to carrying out our daily tasks."

Thuymy Huynh, Platform Group leader, Shrewsbury

Sonal Singh, India

"Neles is one of the few companies that help you grow. At Neles, you join a team where everybody is both a mentee and a mentor. Every experience counts and healthy discussion is always respected. Our team laughs and works together to succeed. My colleagues are very supportive and always ready to help. Neles is a company that provides opportunities not only for professional growth, but also for personal growth."

Sonal Singh, Specification Engineer 

Sara Klossner, Finland

"I work as a Business Development Analyst Intern, and I am very happy with my experience at Neles! I have learned so much, everything from practical technical skills to understanding the big picture and the business dynamics in the industries Neles operates in. The Business Development team collaborates with people across different functions and market areas, which also makes the job very interesting."

Sara Klossner, Business Development Analyst Intern

Sam Mensah, USA

"What I like most about my job is the different challenges every day. My coworkers are very helpful and we have a good team spirit."

Sam Mensah, Butterfly valve assembler

Timo Ilmoniemi, Finland

"I’m responsible for the teams and systems that provide necessary documentation for our global project orders. I have a chance to work with people from global teams pretty much across all of our production sites. I also work closely with customers and see when and how we succeed. The working atmosphere in our team is supportive with a good dose of humor.

During the challenging times, I’ve witnessed a good amount of adaptability and professionalism. The different teams have really stuck together and supported each other in the midst of the COVID situation. I have very professional colleagues around me."

Timo Ilmoniemi, Global Documentation Process Manager

Lindsay Coutinho, UAE

"I'm very proud and privileged to work with a diverse expert team where everyone works towards our common goals. What keeps me energized each day? Overcoming challenges to further develop business here, as well as managing multi-cultural stakeholders – from customers to colleagues and channel partners."

Lindsay Coutinho, Country Manager 

Joe Lee, Malaysia

"Neles has a good culture of working together, regardless of your race or where you come from. This guarantees an enjoyable working environment for all employees at Neles.

In my current role, I focus on managing the Service Business in Asia Pacific countries. We want to be a reliability partner to the end user rather than just a valve/component supplier. The innovative service solutions and recommendations we provide are not limited to solving valve issues, but also to helping our customers increase the overall reliability level of their processes/applications in the long run." 

Joe Lee, Service Business Manager

Rajendra Toke, India

"I am responsible for the Machine Shop operations and local manufacturing engineering. This Machine Shop is a true thirst quencher for aanyone who wishes to learn constantly and upgrade their knowledge with changing times. Besides technicalities, safety is given the utmost priority in all the activities here. Our entire team is very responsive and agile.

Neles offers immense opportunities for good talent. Our respectful culture and the true sense of working as a team are the main reasons for why I would encourage other people to join our company."

Rajendra Toke, D.G.M., Machine Shop at Dombivli, India Plant

Juha Perttilä, Finland

"The best thing about my job is being involved in research and development with new technologies that help our customers succeed in their business. I enjoy and have the privilege of working with great colleagues who are skilled in their areas of expertise. Neles is a great company where working with experts and with high technology products in a multi-cultural, global environment is very rewarding."

Juha Perttilä, Director, Laboratories, Vantaa, Finland

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