Valves for pipeline industry.

Valves for pipeline industry

Improving reliability and productivity of your process

Valmet valves are engineered to meet and solve the toughest conditions in pipeline industry. Whether your biggest concern is noise, vibration, cavitation or media impurities, Valmet's 65 years of experience and innovative valve technology for pipeline transportation offer you the right solutions.


Advanced testing ensures safety and reliability

Reduced infrastructure wear and operational instability

Preventing pipe clogging, meeting industry regulations and noise ordinances

400+ service professionals in over 40 countries around the world  

Reliable valves and services for pipeline industry

Looking for innovative and reliable solutions to the never-ending challenges presented by moving natural gas and crude? Need a knowledgeable and trustworthy valve partner who has your interests in mind?

We can help you improve safety and reliability, protect critical infrastructure and reduce operational instability. Our global network of experts works closely with you to fit the right valve to your specific requirements as well as plan for long-term maintenance. Our dedicated local expert teams give you peace of mind about your pipeline safety and reliability.

What it takes to keep moving safely

Valmet is uniquely equipped to help you meet the harsh demands of today’s pipelines. We provide ultra-reliable, high performance valve solutions for all control, on-off or emergency shutdown applications.

Our entire valve assembly is designed to help you safely optimize flow through compressor stations and pipelines. We’ve thoroughly analyzed and demonstrated top in-field performance of all details related to our valve solutions. From shut-off features and seat design of the valve itself, to high torque and stroking speed of our streamlined actuators, to our valve positioners and communication technologies.

We work closely with you to reduce noise and clogging and increase pipeline reliability.

Protect your investment and operations

Partnering with Valmet means that you can rely on long-term customer support, determined problem-solving and a broad range of services. We help you with everything from the nitty-gritty details to meeting the ever-present needs for safety, reliability and cost effectiveness.

With over 60 years of experience and dedication to delivering results, we pride ourselves on meeting even your toughest performance expectations – because for us, every detail matters.

Our global and local comprehensive expert services are available near you. Additionally, our valve experts make sure the valve selection and sizing keeps your pipeline running reliably and efficiently. We’re here to help you protect and optimize your processes so you can stop worrying about safety and focus on profitability.

Valves for different applications in pipeline industry

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