Valves for pulp, paper and bioproducts.

Valves and pumps for pulp, paper and bioproducts

Improving efficiency, reliability and sustainability

The rapidly evolving pulp, paper and bioproducts industry is being reinvented to help create profitable and sustainable success. Through progressive thinking, creative design and solid manufacturing expertise, we are helping drive increasingly intelligent processes towards improved efficiency, reliability and environmental performance.


Your reliable partner for innovations in pulp-based bioproducts.

Delivering measurable business performance with the latest digital tools.

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Industry’s most comprehensive portfolio of valve products and solutions.

Partnership for sustainable industry renewal

Global megatrends are transforming the pulp and paper industry as we know it. Neles™ is committed to helping manufacturers meet growing and changing demands and grab a hold of the opportunities presented by a wide range of new emerging bioproducts.

While demand for traditional printing and writing paper may have declined, thanks to steady population growth and the explosion of online shopping and international shipping of packaged commodities, the demand for tissue and board are pushing overall demand up every year. Intelligent control valves help optimize the flow of materials throughout the modern bioproduct mill. A high-quality, stable process consumes less raw materials and optimizes energy consumption. These process attributes achievable with our valves save both money and the environment.

Addressing sustainability concerns while ensuring profitability is a major driver for the development of more efficient production processes. It is also one of the reasons behind the emergence of new ecological wood-based bioproducts, which in many cases are helping replace materials such as single-use plastics. Neles offers a comprehensive portfolio of valves and pump products accompanied by service expertise and the latest digital tools, all aimed at helping customers make more with less.

Valmet's valve solutions

Renewal is a serious business, as a rapidly evolving pulp, paper and bioproducts industry is being reinvented to help create sustainable success for the future.

Our valves are helping drive processes towards improved efficiency, reliability and environmental performance in the pulp, paper and bioproducts industry.

Achieving sustainable bioindustry

How can better flow control drive the pulp, paper and bioproducts industry towards sustainable success? We at Neles are leaning on both our long-standing industry experience and the latest digital technologies to help the industry make more with less.

Insights into pulp, paper and bioproducts

Renewal requires new digital tools and approaches

Digitalization didn’t kill the pulp and paper industry. In the hands of an experienced partner, it provides the tools needed to make the most of your process. Traditional pulp and paper processes, just like the many new bioproducts processes, can be improved by intelligent valves and real-time data.

The service and added value we can bring to the table early on in the mill planning phases is based on our expertise and digital tools designed to help collect and utilize accurate data. The right digital tools can help significantly reduce the planning and engineering time required, while ensuring a process running with the best possible valves for the job.

Over a mills lifecycle, optimizing process performance based on real-time data can yield tangible results in terms of profitability. More stable flow characteristics ensure process efficiency and the even and predictable quality of the output. Accurate process control data also enables the effective planning of predictive maintenance operations, reducing the risks of valve failure and expensive unplanned shutdowns.

Find out more about how digitalization could benefit your mill processes and business performance in the expert articles below.

Partnerships for the future

Neles is your committed and responsible partner in renewing the face of the entire industry and shaping the future of a successful wood-based bioindustry. We provide a strong presence across the entire lifecycle of your mill, from the first investment consideration to end of operational life. As long as your operations are up and running, we offer our expertise, knowhow, tools and devices to help you make the most of this new era in pulp, paper and bioproducts.

During the planning and engineering phase, we provide assistance in valve specification and selection, the digital tools for fast and easy design and engineering process, as well as the widest portfolio with all the application-specific valve products for the entire mill project.

For the mill owners and operators, we are a dedicated service and support partner across the mill’s entire lifetime. This includes maintenance, repairs and spare parts. But it also includes help with continuous process optimization and comprehensive lifecycle services.


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