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  • Valve selection software, Nelprof 6

    Neles™ has released Nelprof 6 valve sizing software. The version extends earlier Nelprof versions with two new calculation modules, which enable the selection of intelligent automated on/off valves and emergency valves.


  • Segment valves

    Neles™ segment valves are economical high-performance control valves designed for liquid, gas, vapor and slurry control applications - especially those with high capacity and wide rangeability requirements. The Neles™ R-series offers light weight, low torque control valves from 1" low-capacity models up to 32".


  • Valve maintenance and repairs

    All valves must be repaired at some point. Incorrect repairs or the use of inferior parts create safety risks. That’s why being your reliability partner means we carefully plan maintenance and only use original spare parts to reduce the number of unexpected production breaks and failures. Quality repairs using original spare parts ensure that your valves meet their original specifications after maintenance and will reach their maximum lifetime.


  • VALVCON™ V-Series electric actuator

    The VALVCON V-Series is a compact, rugged, reliable electric actuator designed for quarter-turn valve and damper applications and is available in both NEMA 4/4X and NEMA 4/4X/7&9 configurations. Notable standard features include all hardened steel spur gears, standard ISO 5211 mounting interfaces and CSA (C US) certification, CE compliance and ATEX approval (WX models).


  • LCP9H for Neles™ ValvGuard™ VG9000

    Local Control Panel (LCP) is designed for controlling the emergency isolation valve (ESD or ESV) locally nearby the valve via Neles ValvGuard VG9000 intelligent solenoid valve. LCP permits the emergency isolation valve to be closed (or opened) locally and permits the valve to be returned to the normal operating position when the trip initiators are normal (Manual Reset -function).


  • Limit switches

    Integrating your automated valves utilizing Neles™ limit switches will allow you to improve process performance and reduce life-cycle costs. Neles limit switches offer a full range of monitoring, communication, and control platforms ideally suited for quarter-turn and linear discrete valve applications even in extreme process environments.


  • VALVCON™ LCR-Series economical reversing electric actuator

    The VALVCON LCR-Series actuator is designed to be one of the most cost effective units on the market today. And because VALVCON electric actuators are reliable and inherently low-maintenance units (compared with pneumatic alternatives), you'll realize long-term efficiencies beyond the initial low price.


  • Easyflow by Neles™ J9 series flanged ball valve

    Easyflow by Neles J9 series full bore flanged floating ball valves are an economical option to our fully featured products. J9 series provides long, reliable life and a rugged two-piece body construction.


  • Axiom™ AN/ANX Advanced on/off valve controller

    The Neles Axiom AN/ANX offers unmatched reliability using non-contact position sensing with solid state electronics and contaminant-tolerant pneumatic control. Featuring a space efficient design, the Axiom AN/ANX offers unrivaled convenience and cost-saving benefits in hazardous and general purpose process applications.