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  • Jamesbury™ butterfly valve, series WSRR

    Our industry leading high performance product.


  • Flowrox™ PVG and PVEG pinch valves

    Flowrox PVG and PVEG pinch valves are robust and cost effective with simple, single-sided closing mechanism. PVG valve has a strong valve body and opening tags in the sleeve as a standard. PVEG valve has a corrosion resistant and light-weight plastic body. Through the reliability and structure, both kinds of valves offer substantial savings based on improved performance, long service lifetime and low total cost of ownership. Flowrox PVG and PVEG valves are ideal for low cycle applications involving abrasion, corrosion and aggressive slurries


  • Neles Easyflow™ product offering

    Neles Easyflow high-performance solutions perfectly complement our portfolio with a quality range of pre-engineered products designed for use in many standard applications and process conditions. The portfolio delivers the same high quality and attention to detail that matters most, like you always expect from Valmet. Neles Easyflow solutions offer a complete suite of products designed to work together for easy creation of automated valve assemblies, delivering reliable, high-quality performance.


  • Control performance evaluation

    Provides an expert assessment of your process controls, giving an overall picture of problem areas.


  • Neles™ NE700/NP700 positioner

    Neles NE700/NP700 positioners are designed to operate on every control valve actuator and in all industry areas. They offer a rugged construction with few parts. A small moving mass and rigid mounting provide excellent resistance to vibration. NE700/NP700 positioners provide excellent repeatability and accuracy, with either rotary or linear control valves in a wide range of applications.


  • Neles™ Capping valves

    Neles series PZ capping valve offers a solution for automatic opening and closing of batch digester for chip fill. Capping valve increases considerably digester chip fill process efficiency and operator safety.


  • Jamesbury™ MGR manual actuators

    Jamesbury MGR series manual gear actuator is a hand wheel operated worm gear actuator with high efficiency for greater output torque. Can be more convenient and require less space than lever handles.


  • Jamesbury™ ball valves

    When it comes to ball valves, we know your most important consideration is reliability. The longer a valve performs as designed and without problems, the better. That’s why your choice should be Jamesbury ball valves. By focusing on the all-important areas of seat design, polymer material research and sealing technologies – we were able to engineer and deliver next generation ball valve performance. Solutions that offer you vastly improved stem sealing and cycle life. In fact, depending on the application, the cycle life of these new valves can be as much as 100 times greater than the cycle life of competitive products.