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  • Stonel™ Quartz™ limit switch

    The Stonel Quartz is available in explosionproof (QX), nonincendive and intrinsically safe (QN), low temperature (QC) and general purpose (QG) versions. The robust epoxy coated anodized aluminum construction makes this platform extremely durable and well suited for use in corrosive, heavy wash down environments.


  • Stonel™ Eclipse™ compact limit switch

    Stonel Eclipse features dual solid state sensors with optional communications neatly integrated into a sealed module. The Eclipse series is available in (3) form factors to meet your application needs. The NEW ultra compact version for general purpose applications (EC), non-incendive and intrinsically safe versions (EN) for hazardous areas with a removable module and in a general purpose, completely sealed, micro-connector version (EG).


  • Stonel™ Hawkeye™ HK limit switch for point sensing

    The solid state Stonel Hawkeye sensor is ideal for point sensing in corrosive and hazardous process environments. The standard Red/Green LEDs also speed your setup and installation by confirming power up and switch status. The Hawkeye is FM and CSA approved for nonincendive applications and intrinsically safe circuits in hazardous areas


  • Stonel™ Hawkeye™ HX explosionproof limit switch

    The explosionproof Stonel Hawkeye, with its stainless steel enclosure, is designed for service in harsh process environments. It features a solid state proximity sensor which is encased in a shock absorbent urethane potting material. Outputs for universal switching or NAMUR (EN 60947-5-6; I.S.) are standard options.


  • Stonel™ Prism™ PI limit switch for linear appliactions

    The Stonel Prism PI integrates an advanced position sensing system and integral pneumatic control for sanitary diaphragm and other linear applications. Compact and durable, the PI is suited for corrosive, heavy washdown and hazardous areas.


  • Neles Easyflow™ limit switches, K-series

    The Neles Easyflow K-series features versatile limit switches for quarter turn actuators and valve assemblies. With the K-series limit switches our customers receive reliable end limit information of desired rotary travel. Available in selected market areas.


  • Valve automation excellence

    Valmet valve automation offering ranges from limit switches to reliable actuators and intelligent valve controllers with third generation diagnostics.