Valve selection software, Nelprof™ 6

Neles™ has released Nelprof 6 valve sizing software. The new version extends earlier Nelprof versions with two new calculation modules, which enable the selection of intelligent automated on/off valves and emergency valves. Special safety requirements, such as an actuator-sizing safety factor or a complete valve-assembly safety-integrity level, can be evaluated with the new state-of-the-art tools in the program.

Valve selection and sizing software, Nelprof™ 6.3

Control valve selection with performance analysis


Nelprof, with its advanced control-valve selection features, was first introduced in 1981. Now Nelprof 6 can be used to select all Neles automated on/off and emergency valves. Performance analysis, which has been one of the value-adding features in the control-valve sizing tool since 1980’s, can be used to study valve controllability in a closed control loop. The module also includes multi-phase flow sizing as well as noise and cavitation prediction analysis.


Fast and reliable on/off valve selection
This on/off calculation tool allows the selection of all Neles metal- and soft-seated on/off valves with advanced but easy-to-use actuator sizing including adjustable safety factor and torque key figures. By using the tool, you can select the actuator more quickly and accurately in the engineering phase, compared to conventional actuator selection. You can also use the mass calculation tools to work with a number of items even more efficiently. Documentation and revision of the sizing is, of course, also possible whenever needed in the later phases.

First on the market to optimize safety-critical system components in valve selection
The SIL module for final element PFD (Probability of Failure on Demand) calculation allows both 1oo1 and 1oo1D (D standing for diagnostics) final-element calculation that takes into account the use of a valve, an actuator and the market-leading partial-stroke test device Neles ValvGuard™. In addition, one to several pneumatic components can be taken into account in the calculation.

These two new modules help to reduce engineering time in the selection of on/off and ESD valves by providing field-proven-based information. Easy to use and reliable in results – with all the relevant parameters on your screen and printouts – you can avoid many mistakes and work more efficiently by using the tool. Nelprof™ software - utilizes intelligence based on several decades of real life experiences to help you to size and to select the best valve solution for each application.

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