Our product and service portfolio is built on remarkable innovations, some of which have been industry benchmarks for decades. We have a field-proven track record in developing long-lasting and reliable valve technologies.

Constantly developing our portfolio

Today, valves must withstand more stringent process conditions, such as high process pressures or extreme temperatures. Not only are the technical requirements more demanding, there is also pressure to bring more economical solutions to market.

All research and development projects have sustainability targets, e.g. for product safety and efficiency.

Valmet’s Flow Control business line is constantly developing our portfolio of high-engineered valves, valve controls and standard solutions to meet the diverse needs of our customers. We build on continuous and systematic product renewal and expanding our offering. We are also exploring new manufacturing methods and materials technologies and further leveraging our simulation and design automation capabilities. 100% of our R&D projects have sustainability targets.

In 2020, the focus of our research and development activities was on the renewal and expansion of certain product platforms, e.g. high-pressure ball valve technology. By focusing on the development of seat technology, we are ensuring better internal tightness and thus minimizing harmful fugitive emissions to the atmosphere, even in the most demanding applications.

Next wave in 3D printing

3D printing has evolved from a viable technology for prototyping and training purposes into a robust and reliable production process that is ideal for small, complex shapes. As 3D printing does not require production tooling, such as casting patterns, it makes it economically feasible to customize valve features for an individual valve or customer.

Valmet’s Flow Control business line is one of the 3D frontrunners in the valve business. In 2018, we delivered the first valves with 3D-printed parts. We have recently manufactured an entire 3D-printed valve body, which was installed in a customer process for field testing.

Next generation of valve control

One of our latest innovations in valve automation is the Neles NDX valve controller. Neles NDX is a technology platform for smart digital controllers having independent computing power for accurate and fast control and diagnostics with Industry 4.0 communication capabilities. Neles NDX valve controller has been designed with a strong focus on the user experience and it is compatible with all valve brands in a wide range of applications, regardless of customer or industry.

New materials in valve manufacturing

Neles has recently introduced the third generation of metal matrix composite (MMC) materials. The MMCs are made of metals and ceramics, and thus are both hard and ductile, which is a favorable property profile for wear protection in critical applications. Watch the interview of Jussi Hellman, Manager of Materials Engineering at Neles. 

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