Conflict minerals statement

In politically unstable areas, the minerals trade can be used to finance armed groups, fuel forced labour and other human rights abuses, and support corruption and money laundering. The minerals most commonly linked to this type of trade are called “conflict minerals” and are tin, tungsten, tantalum and gold, also referred to as “3TG”.

Neles is committed to ensure that the materials used in its products originate from socially responsible sources only. Neles engages in ongoing and close dialogue with its suppliers about sustainable business practices and transparency of material use. Neles’ Supplier Code of Conduct requires the suppliers to comply with all applicable laws and regulations, commit to ethical conduct and respect human rights in the spirit of internationally recognized standards. We also require our suppliers to provide documentation declaring the materials, chemicals and components used in the purchased products and their production process.

Neles is committed to continue to work closely with its suppliers, customers and other stakeholders to secure and enhance good practices and establish feasible solutions on this very important issue.

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