We want to make our mark in the societies and with the people we work with. Neles creates value by providing employment opportunities, and supports local community projects for the common good.

Our role in society

We claim for a good corporate citizenship from all our stakeholders. Together with our customers and partners we create a business eco-system that performs beyond the accepted norms.​​ In light of openness and transparency we have joined the United Nations Global Compact program, and built the reporting of our sustainability actions to meet the legislative requirements.

Within the UN Global Compact program we are committed to compliance with the UN Declaration of Human Rights and UN Guiding Principles on Human Rights. We also support and operate according to the principles described in the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises and the International Labor Organization’s (ILO) Declaration of Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work.
Our Code of Conduct sets the foundation for our daily work and decisions for integrity, beyond laws and regulations. We expect the same approach from our suppliers and partners. In 2020, the participation rate in Code of Conduct training was 88%.

We care about the sustainability in our supply chain by continuously assessing and auditing supply operations. We expect our suppliers to live by the Neles Supplier Code of Conduct. 67% of suppliers signed the Supplier Code of Conduct exceeding the overall target being 60% in 2020. Endorser-Logo_solid_blue_RGB.jpg

Local community work

Neles works closely with the local communities around its operating sites. We cooperate actively with non-governmental organizations and local communities to build prosperity and wellbeing, to protect the environment, and to support science, research, and education. In 2020, Neles donated a total of 32,000 euros to local communities all around the world. 

Sponsoring and donations

We at Neles are committed to help our customers, communities, and colleagues to make a positive difference around the world. We do this by taking active role in society and the communities in which we operate – beyond our primary business. The targets we choose to support, have clear connection to the work we do, reflect our values, and follow our Code of Conduct. Our key areas of activity are Environment; Science, research and education, and Causes important to our communities.

For more information, see Neles’ policy for sponsoring, donations and community engagement

Modern slavery statement

Neles supports the elimination of all forms of modern slavery. We have practices in place which seek to ensure that there is no moderns slavery or human trafficking in our own business nor in our supply chain. You will find more information in our Modern slavery and Human trafficking statement.

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