Our values guide us in how we do business and how we work together with internal and external stakeholders.

Customer Success is our success

We’re driven to understand customers’ businesses and needs, where we can help them and how satisfied they are.

How we do #CustomerSuccess in action:

  • Striving to know their business and what matters to them: building customer intelligence
  • Responding as quickly as we can to help them
  • Helping them understand where value can be added
  • Always thinking about how we can go further to help them more
  • Measuring and tracking satisfaction across the customer journey

We strive for better together

We’re honest and open about how things can be better, and always strive to reach the best possible solution.

How we strive for better together in action:

  • Always thinking about where the issues are and how we can tackle them and how we can be more competitive
  • Finding new ways to work and new ways to think
  • Open to new ideas, big or small, wherever they come from, about how we can do things differently
  • Judging ourselves and each other by being clear on what ‘good’ looks like
  • Encouraging and welcoming of new technologies

We build and share expertise

We place huge importance on growing and sharing knowledge, maintaining healthy lines of communication between us.

How we share expertise in action:

  • Dedicated to growing our already great reputation for expertise
  • Looking to learn at every opportunity
  • Finding ways to share our own knowledge with others that will benefit
  • Being clear on who are stakeholders in our work and who we’re accountable to and for
  • Always thinking about who should be consulted and updated

We keep our promises

We never walk away from issues until we get to a conclusion. We do what we say we’ll do and live up to our promises.

How we live up to our promises in action:

  • Making clear commitments so that we stick to them
  • Pulling the right people together at the right time to crack a problem and see a plan through
  • Set ourselves clear goals to follow

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