Our vision

Our vision describes our ambition and the impact we want to make through our work. It’s a long-term direction defining our business goals and our purpose.

Our vision

Our vision is: Neles, leading diversified valve and valve automation company reinventing reliability in flow control.

Diversified – we are committed to serving a variety of customer industries.

Reliability – The valves and technologies we make have always had reliability at their heart. To the industry the name Neles symbolizes high-quality products and expertise. But as businesses and requirements evolve, reliability must mean so much more. In everything we do, we’re reinventing reliability.


Reliability in high-performance products reduces emissions, waste and risk. We offer sustainable solutions for our customer industries, helping to ensure the safe flow of materials that are vital for modern societies and infrastructure. This is achieved through constant development of product quality, material efficiency and sustainability of our operations.

Sustainability also means that we follow the highest health, safety and environmental standards and practices in everything we do – and we require the same from our network.


at the heart of everything we do

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