Supplier invoicing instructions

The preferred invoicing method is e-invoicing. Our e-invoicing operator is Basware Oyj (BAWCFI22).

How to send your invoices?

We strongly encourage our suppliers to send only electronic invoices. To start with e-invoicing, kindly turn to the country-specific email addresses below for more instructions.

We welcome also invoices sent to us by email as a PDF file attachment. If you are obliged to send your invoice to us in a paper format, kindly note the updated postal invoicing addresses as well.

Invoicing addresses

Instructions for sending your invoice by email

Please do not send your invoice in any other format than in PDF. Each PDF file should contain also only one invoice. You can include many PDF-invoices in one email and each PDF file will be processed as a separate invoice.

Do send only invoices this way. Any other information or document will be discarded.

In case the size of the e-mail exceeds 5Mb, the email will not be processed, and you will be notified accordingly.

Addressing invoices to Valmet's Flow Control business line

Only invoices with the correct invoicing address will be processed. Invoices with any other invoicing address will be discarded.

The name of the invoiced Neles legal entity has to be specified on the first line of the address field. All invoices must include a purchase order number and/or the name of a purchase contact.

We recommend to use English language in all invoices.

For any questions related to your invoices, please send an email in English to: