Reliable partner offering sustainable solutions

Sustainability is integrated into everything we do. We do things efficiently and responsibly in terms of the environment, people and the economy. We are committed to the continuous improvement of safety and the goal of zero harm in all activities at our own and customers’ premises.

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Sustainability targets


Goal of zero harm in Lost Time Injury Frequency. 


Logistics: 20% reduction in CO2 emissions by 2025. 
Production: 25% reduction in CO2 emissions by 2030.


100% of Neles R&D projects with sustainability targets.

Society and people

90% of Supplier Code of Conduct signed in terms of spend by 2022.
95% of Supplier Sustainability assessments in higher risk areas by 2022.

Sustainability agenda

Our goal within sustainability sphere is to be a reliable partner offering sustainable solutions. We protect people, process performance and the planet by prioritizing safety and sustainability in everything we do. We have set our long-term sustainability targets to respond to global megatrends driving more focus on sustainable business operations impacting both our customers and us, not forgetting our partners.

Our sustainability agenda is being integrated into our HSEQ management system, thus ensuring the consistency and efficiency of the implementation of our targets.

Global megatrends

Global megatrends drive more focus on sustainable business operations. Especially growing demand for materials, safety, reliability and emissions as well as growing automation levels and digitalization set the focus for our sustainability targets.

The growth of the population while diminishing of the planet’s raw materials are forcing the industrial manufacturers to produce more with less while focusing more on environmental efficiency and profitability.

Safety, reliability and emissions of industrial processes are put into the spotlight due to tighter legislation. More reliable process performance with less waste and emissions is becoming more and more important.

Growing automation levels and digitalization helps securing safety but also the productivity of the plant. With more digital tools to predict maintenance needs and reading the process performance, there is a less chance of sudden interruptions and more data for making right decisions at the right time for the plant to perform at its best.

We drive our targets for a brighter tomorrow in these three areas: Health and safety, Environment, Society and People.

Sustainability agenda and targets

Sustainability offering for customers

With tightening legislation and scarcity of raw materials, our customers value environmentally efficient and safe technologies. High-quality and safe products, comprehensive services and close cooperation with our customers are our means to contributing to our customers’ productivity and license to operate.

We offer our customers sustainable solutions via increased process reliability. Our target is to develop all-round reliable customer experience.


Our commitment:

Solid safety culture aiming for zero harm

Health and safety of our customers, employees and partners is our top priority.

We focus on continuous safety improvement and measure our performance with Lost Time Incident Frequency (LTIF) and Total Recordable Incident Frequency (TRIF).

In 2020, one of our greatest achievements was our Lost Time Incident Frequency (LTIF) score, improving to 1.3 (2019: 1.5) in December.

Safety at the heart of Neles

We are committed to the continuous improvement of safety

We focus on minimizing our environmental impact.

Our commitment: 20%CO2 by 2025 in logistics, 25% CO2 by 2030 in production

In general, the energy and water usage as well as waste volumes and emissions are on a good level in our own operation. However, we are taking our environmental efficiency to the next level by setting our priorities also to non-production sites and by increasing opportunities within circular economy. Our ambition is to reach zero harm for the environment in everything we do. 

Therefore, we have also defined sustainability targets for all our research and development (R&D) activities to provide our customers with environmental compliance, e.g. using sustainable materials and developing solutions for a decreased process waste.

In 2020, Neles operations had zero environmental incidents.

Our approach for the environment

We want to make our mark in the society and with the people we work with. Our Code of Conduct sets the foundation for our daily work and decisions for integrity, beyond laws and regulations. We expect the same approach from our suppliers and partners.

We care about the sustainability in our supply chain by continuously assessing and auditing supply operations. We expect our suppliers to live by the Neles Supplier Code of Conduct.

In light of openness and transparency we have joined the United Nations Global Compact program, and built the reporting of our sustainability actions to meet the legislative requirements.

We claim for a good corporate citizenship from all our stakeholders. Together with our customers and partners we create a business eco-system that performs beyond the accepted norms.​​

In 2020, the participation rate in Code of Conduct training was 88%.
67% of suppliers signed the Supplier Code of Conduct exceeding the overall target being 60% in 2020.


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