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  • VALVCON™ ESR-Series electronic spring-return electric actuator

    The VALVCON ESR-Series electric actuator provides an internal bank of super-capacitor power storage devices that never need replacement. Designed for two-position operation, it provides true two-wire control: When the actuator is energized it drives to one position; when de-energized the actuator powers itself to the other position.


  • FieldLink™ accessories and tools for process networks

    The FieldLink product group enables users to take advantage of field-based communication technologies to cut installation and maintenance costs and improve operating performance. With communication networks, vital predictive maintenance and performance measures may also be transmitted from field instruments to the asset management or operation control centers further reducing maintenance costs.


  • Valve services

    Reliability is at the core of every successful process plant’s operations. Metso is your reliability partner for valve services.


  • Easyflow by Neles™ limit switches, K-series

    The Easyflow by Neles K-series features versatile limit switches for quarter turn actuators and valve assemblies. With the K-series limit switches our customers receive reliable end limit information of desired rotary travel. Available in selected market areas.


  • Axiom™ AMI nonincendive & I.S. on/off valve controller

    The Axiom AMI platform integrates solid state valve monitoring capabilities with discrete solenoid control for process on/off automated valves. It is suitable for most hazardous locations and general purpose process applications.


  • Hawkeye™ linear point sensors

    The Hawkeye sensor platform by StoneL provides solid state valve monitoring capabilities in a very compact design for linear valves like gate & globe valves. The Hawkeye is available with universal voltage switching or Namur sensors.


  • VALVCON™ electric actuators

    Neles™ is a leading designer and provider of actuators for a wide variety of process and flow control applications. Our complete line of compact and reliable VALVCON™ electric actuators provides accurate, electronically controlled positioning of valves and dampers for the wide range of the process industries.


  • Easyflow by Neles™ J4 series 3-piece floating ball valve

    Easyflow by Neles J4 series 3-piece floating ball valves are an economical option to our fully featured products. J4 series provides long, reliable life and a rugged three-piece body construction.