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  • Easyflow by Neles™ solenoid and air operated valves

    Our solenoid valves and air operated valves are all based on modern designs and communication technologies. We offer a comprehensive range of spool type direction control valves for actuation in various pneumatic applications. The range includes all types of direction control valves required for process automation.


  • Flowrox™ LPP-D dosing pumps

    Flowrox™ LPP-D pumps are ideal for dosing and flow control. The dosing pumps provide accurate dosing in all process conditions as the pump discharge flow does not depend on the pipeline pressure. There is no variation due to the discharge pressure condition, output remains the same on every cycle. They are ideal for demanding process media.


  • Flowrox™ slurry knife gate valves

    Heavy duty slurry knife gate valve isolates flow even in the most demanding process conditions. The bi-directional flow tolerates backflow and elastomer sleeves on both sides of the gate provide tight shut off. Flowrox™ knife gate valve follows the concept of the ease of maintenance. The valve body is cast in one piece which eliminates the need for sealing between the body halves. Load distribution ring is integrated into the valve sleeves. The valve contains only two service parts; ring sleeves and secondary seal.


  • Easyflow by Neles™ J7 series flanged ball valve

    Easyflow by Neles J7 series reduced bore flanged floating ball valves are an economical option to our fully featured products. J7 series provides long, reliable life and a rugged two-piece body construction. The standard valve includes the most common materials of construction as well as performance improvement features such as live-loaded stem seals and direct mount actuator capability. Cavity fill option is available for industry applications requiring minimum volume of residual media trapped between the seats


  • Easyflow by Neles™ J4 series 3-piece floating ball valve

    Easyflow by Neles J4 series 3-piece floating ball valves are an economical option to our fully featured products. J4 series provides long, reliable life and a rugged three-piece body construction.


  • Neles™ three lever valve for Air Separation Units (ASU), series BH

    Neles lever valves are designed to air separation unit air inlet shut-off valve. They feature self-locking safety design for a specified differential pressure. The lever arrangement provides valve operation with low friction. The sealing sections are not subjected to abrasion wear, resulting in extremely low torque level.


  • Neles™ Eurohub

    Fast and reliable deliveries for channel partners in Europe


  • Axiom™ AX explosionproof on/off valve controller

    The Neles Axiom AX platform integrates solid state valve monitoring capabilities with discrete solenoid control for process on/off automated valves. It is suitable for most hazardous locations and general purpose process applications.


  • Jamesbury™ ball valve, series 6FRF

    The 6FRF ball valve is a member of the Jamesbury™ Value-Line™ Series which offers the benefits of proven quality and design performance with exceptional economy not previously available in high-performance ball valves. Its full-bore configuration and high- pressure rating 1000 psi for 1" – 2" (DN 25 – 50), 800 psi for 3" (DN 80) make it an ideal choice for the majority of applications where tight shut-off is required.