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  • Easyflow by Neles™ MEG series manual gear actuator

    Easyflow by Neles MEG series manual gear actuator is a hand wheel operated quarter turn worm gear actuator with high efficiency for greater output torque. These are modular and pre-configured gears with limited torque range. These gear operators are well suited for water and waste water, sewage treatment, mining, fuel oil and gas, cooling or chilled water circuits, desalination, HVAC, cement and other fine powders, mild corrosive chemicals and petrochemical applications.


  • Easyflow by Neles™ resilient seated butterfly valves, series JA

    Easyflow by Neles JA series concentric disc resilient seated butterfly valves are suitable for a wide range of applications in manual or automated on/off through throttling control services. Although compact and lightweight, the JA series is designed to be rugged, reliable, and to comply with a variety of global industry standards.


  • Easyflow by Neles™ J9 series flanged ball valve

    Easyflow by Neles J9 series full bore flanged floating ball valves are an economical option to our fully featured products. J9 series provides long, reliable life and a rugged two-piece body construction.


  • Valve controllers

    High availability and easy interpretation are the key success factors in effective field device data analysis. Neles valve controllers support standardized technologies and ensure the availability and usability of diagnostics information independent of your control, safety or asset management system.


  • Expertune Global Loop Optimizer SaaS

    Expertune Global Loop Optimizer SaaS is a PID loop tuning software designed for companies with multiple production sites. It's supports over 700 industrial controllers and brings consistency to tuning, across the entire enterprise.


  • VALVCON™ LCU-Series economical unidirectional electric actuator

    The VALVCON LCU-Series actuator is designed to be one of the most cost effective units available; reliable and inherently low-maintenance, it provides long-term efficiencies beyond its initial low price. LCU-Series actuators are designed for applications that require single direction actuation.


  • Neles™ MC V-port segment valves, series R2

    Neles has created a specially designed Series R2 segment valves for 8-19 % medium consistency applications. The valve provides an optimized flow path for medium consistency pulp. The flow path is continuously increased to eliminate restrictions where material may build up. The outlet flange is one size bigger than the inlet to ensure this. V-contoured flow path enables to control small capacities without risk of dewatering.