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  • Limit switches

    Improve process performance and reduce total life-cycle costs by integrating your automated valves. Neles limit switches offer a full range of monitoring, communication, and control platforms ideally suited for quarter-turn and linear discrete valve applications even in extreme process environments.


  • Axiom™ AN Advanced nonincendive on/off valve controller

    The Axiom AN offers unmatched reliability using non-contact position sensing with solid state electronics and contaminant-tolerant pneumatic control. Featuring a space efficient design, the Axiom AN offers unrivaled convenience and cost-saving benefits in hazardous and general purpose process applications.


  • Neles™ butterfly valve, series BW

    Neles BW series metal seated double eccentric disc valve is designed for both control and tight shut-off in severe service. Multiple seat options makes it well suited for the refining, power, petrochemical and chemical industries. The BW series provides extended operational life in high cycle, high temperature and abrasive applications.


  • Valve software

    Digital tools for valve sizing, selection, drawing, support, and PID tuning


  • VALVCON™ LCR-Series economical reversing electric actuator

    The VALVCON LCR-Series actuator is designed to be one of the most cost effective units on the market today. And because VALVCON electric actuators are reliable and inherently low-maintenance units (compared with pneumatic alternatives), you'll realize long-term efficiencies beyond the initial low price.


  • VALVCON™ LCU-Series economical unidirectional electric actuator

    The VALVCON LCU-Series actuator is designed to be one of the most cost effective units available; reliable and inherently low-maintenance, it provides long-term efficiencies beyond its initial low price. LCU-Series actuators are designed for applications that require single direction actuation.


  • VALVCON™ V-Series electric actuator

    The VALVCON V-Series is a compact, rugged, reliable electric actuator designed for quarter-turn valve and damper applications and is available in both NEMA 4/4X and NEMA 4/4X/7&9 configurations. Notable standard features include all hardened steel spur gears, standard ISO 5211 mounting interfaces and CSA (C US) certification, CE compliance and ATEX approval (WX models).


  • Valve parts