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  • Instrumentation panels, series SP

    Neles™ SP series instrumentation function panels introduces a range of most common process valve control functionalities. Typically these functionalities are related to valve operation times and failure modes. Function panels are engineered to be used with Neles pneumatic cylinder and diaphragm actuators to provide excellent performance and high reliability.


  • PID tuning and process control services

    In a typical plant, many controls and processes are not operating optimally, which can result in less stable production, higher raw material usage, increased energy consumption and lower yield. Neles™ PID tuning and process control services are designed to identify controls impacting performance and help you return to optimal production.


  • Flowrox™ PVG and PVEG pinch valves

    Flowrox PVG and PVEG pinch valves are robust and cost effective with simple, single-sided closing mechanism. PVG valve has a strong valve body and opening tags in the sleeve as a standard. PVEG valve has a corrosion resistant and light-weight plastic body. Through the reliability and structure, both kinds of valves offer substantial savings based on improved performance, long service lifetime and low total cost of ownership. Flowrox PVG and PVEG valves are ideal for low cycle applications involving abrasion, corrosion and aggressive slurries


  • Neles Easyflow™ JT series angle stem tank bottom valves

    Neles Easyflow JT series angle stem tank bottom valves provide a compact assembly with additional space for actuator clearance on insulated vessels. Large port has unobstructed flow to empty or fill the tank quickly. Quarter-turn operation and direct actuator mounting capability makes it easy to automate. Cavity fill and T-port options for the JT series ensure lowest possible dead volume and full draining of media from the valve.


  • Flowrox™ progressive cavity pumps: E-, EL- and D-series

    Flowrox progressive cavity (PC) pumps are ideal for challenging applications with high viscous, corrosive and other difficult or sensitive media. Flowrox PC pumps are divided into three series. E-series is ideal for industrial and paste pumping applications. EL-series PC pumps excel in demanding wastewater and municipal waste applications. D-series progressive cavity pumps are designed especially for chemical and flocculant dosing applications.


  • Neles™ M-series manual actuator

    Neles M-series manual gear actuator is a hand wheel operated worm gear actuator with high efficiency for greater output torque. Can be more convenient and require less space than lever handles.


  • Neles Easyflow™ product offering

    Neles Easyflow high-performance solutions perfectly complement our portfolio with a quality range of pre-engineered products designed for use in many standard applications and process conditions. The portfolio delivers the same high quality and attention to detail that matters most, like you always expect from Valmet. Neles Easyflow solutions offer a complete suite of products designed to work together for easy creation of automated valve assemblies, delivering reliable, high-quality performance.


  • Pinch valves

    Flowrox™ pinch valves can be either used for shut off, also known as isolation, or control. Every Flowrox pinch valve is fit for the most demanding applications in which conventional valves encounter problems with wear due to increased turbulence.