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  • Neles™ modular ball valve, series M

    Neles modular ball valve series M, offers optimized performance of pulp and paper applications. Several decade experience of Neles has fine tuned this product to deliver pulp and paper customers easy product selection with industry leading performance. Valve series includes seat supported and trunnion mounted ball valve designs covering seat types, size ranges and material options offering comprehensive coverage for pulp and paper.


  • Neles™ modular trunnion mounted ball valve, series X

    Neles series X modular ball valve, incorporates robust stem to ball connection in trunnion mounted models. Application based seat selection assures valves are capable of delivering long lasting tightness. Valves can be equipped with Neles Q-trim™ anti-cavitation and noise attenuation trim technology outperforming competing ball control valves. Valve series meets modern industry requirements concerning safety and emissions.


  • Jamesbury™ standard port flanged ball valve, series 7000

    Jamesbury Series 7000 standard port flanged end connection resilient seated ball valve.


  • Neles™ R- series segmented ball valve for on-off applications

    New Neles segmented ball valve for on-off applications combines the material efficient control valve design with the high capacity and proven performance of Neles on-off valve seating technology. Standard units are equipped with cylinder or manual actuators and intelligent on-off valve controllers to ensure excellent and reliable isolating performance


  • Neles™ trunnion ball valve, series D

    Neles series D trunnion mounted ball valves incorporate several decade experience of metal-to-metal seat technology. Equipped with Neles B1 series actuator and VG9000 intelligent safety solenoid the valve assembly delivers high availability in demanding safety valve applications. For control applications valves can be equipped with top of the line Neles Q-trim™ ball valve noise attenuation trim options.


  • Neles™ top entry rotary ball valve, series T5

    Neles T5 series top entry rotary ball valves are designed to meet the requirements of chemical, petrochemical and refining industries. Valves equipped with unique trunnion mounted Stemball™, and capability to use Neles Q-trim™ technology anti-cavitation and noise attenuation trims, makes the valve series suitable in wide range of demanding heavy duty control applications including anti surge and blow down services.


  • Neles™ PB series PFA lined ball valve

    Neles PB series PFA lined ball valve is a full bore design to minimize pressure loss and provide maximum flow capacity. The flow port and internal parts are fully covered with PFA for excellent corrosion resistance.