Eclipse™ modular on/off valve monitor

Nonincendive, I.S. & general purpose compact, modular on/off valve monitor

Eclipse™ modular on/off valve monitor

The Neles Eclipse provides solid state valve monitoring capabilities in a very compact design for process on/off automated valves. The Eclipse is available with Universal voltage switching, Namur or bus networking control models in Ex I version.



Compact design reduces space and in tight process areas


LEDs indicate electronic switch status to confirm electrical operation


Bold visual indication enables easy confirmation of valve position


No moving mating parts assure long life and trouble-free operation


  • Extremely compact, rugged enclosure with integral position sensors, communication, electronics, and power outputs for solenoids
  • High intensity red and green LEDs
  • Red/green visual indicator
  • Sensors and electronics are fully sealed to eliminate hazard threat and corrosion problems
  • Adjustable target and visual indicator
  • Direct attachment to ISO/Namur mounting pads with simple mounting kit (sold separately)
  • Rugged design made of Lexan® or stainless steel for corrosion resistance and durability.


  • Automated on/off valve applications in hazardous process environments
  • Corrosive and wash down process environments
  • Food and beverage
  • Chemical process
  • Pharmaceutical and biotech
  • Agri-processing


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