Neles™ high pressure modular ball valves, series XH & XS

For high cycle shut-off and throttling service

Neles high pressure ball valves equipped with well-known valve technology including application based seat selection, material and coating technologies, robust bearing construction. These features ensure long lasting service life even in the most demanding applications in oil and gas processing.


High, long lasting tightness

Trouble free operation even in most demanding applications like abrasive, solids containing fluids and slurries

Wide material selection for application specific needs

Low emissions, live loaded graphite packing


  • 2-piece off-center split body, solid circular body joint gaskets
  • Anti-blowout stem
  • Robust stem to ball connection
  • Application based seat selection options, metal-to-metal and soft seats
  • Low emissions, live loaded graphite packing
  • Fire safe according to API 607
  • SIL 3 certified
  • High Cv, redused pressure loss
  • Easy to maintain construction


  • Oil and gas
  • Coal gasification
  • Hydrocarbon and petrochemical processes
  • Industrial gases




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