Expo Dubai

lokakuu 1, 2021 – maaliskuu 31, 2022
Dubai, UAE

We warmly welcome you to come and meet Neles at World Expo Dubai. Neles is one of the key partners of the Finnish pavilion. At the Expo, you will be able to acquaint yourself with Neles' sustainable innovations and solutions for process industries. More details about our exhibits and our special VIP events at the pavilion will be revealed in due course.

Sharing future happiness – a symbiosis of people, nature and technology

The theme of the Finnish pavilion is “Sharing future happiness.” Happiness is made possible by innovations in society and industry alike. To further this goal and to enable modern life around the world, we collaborate closely with our teams, customers and partners to make industry processes as sustainable as possible.

Extending the life cycle of equipment and optimizing industrial processes so that environmental efficiencies, such as better energy efficiency, can be achieved are parts of our circular economy concept.

Long local presence in Dubai and in the Middle East

Neles has had a local presence in the Middle East since 1993 and is excited to see the Expo take place in Dubai. Today, we have offices in Dubai and Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates, in Doha in Qatar, and in Dammam, Saudi Arabia. Our customers in the region include major oil and gas companies.