Our journey

Celebrating 65 years of flow control experience

The roots of our journey date back to March 2, 1956, when the founding fathers of Neles Oy, Antti Nelimarkka and Eino Santasalo, registered their company specializing in industrial valves in the Finnish Trade Register. That day introduced the Neles brand name and marked the beginning of what has become a successful flow control business. In 2021, we celebrated our 65th anniversary!

Antti Nelimarkka and Eino Santasalo establish Neles Oy in Helsinki, Finland. The company soon specializes in valves, and the Neles brand name is born. Today, it is an industry-leading trade name. The portfolio has evolved from reliable valves to also include expert services and intelligent valve controller solutions.

Neles P series ball valve

An example of a Neles booth at an exhibition in the 1960s.

A Jamesbury Wafer-Sphere™ butterfly valve, first launched in 1967.

Neles Oy becomes an established valve manufacturer as metal seated valve technology enters the pulp & paper market.

Metal-seated Neldisc™ butterfly valves are introduced to the process industries. The revolutionary U-shaped metal seat and elliptic disc form a unique triple-offset valve design, which is commonplace in many butterfly valve products today. 

The Neles NE positioner was designed for positioning single and double acting pneumatic valve actuators in analog electric signal. 

The quiet Q-Ball control valve offered a unique concept of low noise level combined with minimum cavitation and excellent control properties. The Q-Ball retains all the advantages that have made Neles control ball valves so successful; e.g. metal-to metal-seating and wide temperature range.

Huge Jamesbury Wafer-SphereTM butterfly valves are used to inject water at the base of NASA’s space shuttle pads to cushion the shock waves created during lift-off by massive solid rocket engines.

Image: NASA

Nelprof™, with its advanced control-valve selection features, was first introduced in 1981. Now Nelprof 6 can be used to select all Neles’ automated on/off and emergency valves. 

The robust Neles subsea valves were designed to withstand sea-bottom conditions for decades, throughout the lifetime of an oil or gas field. The market for Neles underwater valves concentrated in the North Sea.  

Neles R series control valve was introduced in 1986.

The valve offering starts to take shape when Rauma-Repola purchases Neles Oy in Finland in 1982 and Jamesbury Inc. in the USA in 1988. The two companies merge to form Neles-Jamesbury, combining Jamesbury’s soft-sealed valves and the Neles metal valve portfolio under one roof. In product development, the focus is on noise attenuation and cavitation prevention.

Today, the Neles' range of control valves is one of the most comprehensive on the market. Neles' automated on/off valves include SIL-rated Neles and JamesburyTM ball and butterfly valves. All valves have Neles or Jamesbury actuators and conventional or smart accessories.

Neles Finetrol™ was the world's first rotary control valve to include the best features of globe valves.

Neles-Jamesbury establishes operations in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, to develop its footprint in the Middle East.

Operations start in China, followed by the opening of a greenfield valve and automation technology center in Shanghai in 2010.

1995 marks the transformation from analog to digital technology in valves: the NelesTM ND800 digital valve controller is introduced. Since then, Neles’ new generation intelligent valve controllers and diagnostics have given customers more visibility over their processes. These features enable predictive and focused maintenance, leading to longer uptime.

One of the biggest dams in the US, the Hoover dam, is equipped with assorted sizes of Jamesbury™ ball and butterfly valves. The valves are used in many ancillary systems within the dam.

Image: U.S. Department of the Interior, The Bureau of Reclamation

On November 17, 1998, the Boards of Rauma and Valmet propose a merger of Rauma and Valmet. Extraordinary meetings of Rauma's and Valmet's shareholders on January 31, 1999, approve the merger plan, according to which the companies were to merge on July 1, 1999 to form a new corporation. A new era begins with the merger, in which the two industry leaders restructure and become integrated. The company’s customer base consists of pulp and paper, construction and civil engineering, mining, and other process and energy industries.

StoneL Corporation, a supplier of valve monitoring and networking solutions in Minnesota, US, is acquired and merges with Metso (now Neles). These products are widely used today in a broad range of process industries.

Safety is key in refining. The Neles ValvGuard™ partial stroke test system is introduced to refining customers. The solution helps diagnose the performance of emergency shutdown valves and hence eliminate risks with such installations.

Automation and flow control operations are strengthened with the acquisition of electric actuator manufacturer Valvcon in the US.

Neles ND9000 is a smart positioner, designed to operate on every control valve actuator and in all industry areas. 

Neles SwitchGuard SG9000 is a top class intelligent on/off valve controller designed to operate on any valve actuator. 

Neles SwitchGuard SG9000 – intelligent on_off valve controller.

The unique design of Neles RotaryGlobe control valve combines the benefits of rotary and linear control valve technology.

MAPAG Valves GmbH, a company manufacturing engineered butterfly valves, is acquired from the Linde Group, a German company. With the acquisition, the product offering for the energy and hydrocarbon industries was complemented. Today, MAPAG’s technology is sold under the Neles trade name.

Neles ValvGuard is a top class intelligent safety solenoid with partial stroke testing features for emergency shutdown and venting valves.

A new, state-of-the-art valve and process automation technology center opens in Shanghai, China. The new technology center was the company's largest investment in China. The official inauguration was made by a stamping ceremony. 

A new, state-of-the-art Valve Technology Center opens near Helsinki Airport to strengthen our global industrial valve production network, and the valve production facilities in Massachusetts, US, expand.

Nelprof 6 valve sizing software extended earlier Nelprof versions with two new calculation modules, allowing the selection of all Neles metal- and soft-seated on/off valves with advanced but easy-to-use actuator sizing.

A new generation of noise attenuation Q2-Trim is launched for ball valves that significantly reduces noise in gas flow control applications.

The acquisition of Valstone Control in South-Korea extends our portfolio with globe valves, which are designed to operate at extreme pressures and temperatures eg. in the oil, gas and power industries. Followed by this, the globe valve product line was introduced. 

A new valve supply and service center in Vadodara, India, strengthens the company's service capabilities for major petrochemical, energy, and oil and gas companies.

Metso’s focus sharpens: the company is split into two independent listed entities: Metso Corporation and Valmet Corporation. The pulp, paper and power businesses transfer to Valmet, whereas Metso concentrates on intelligent solutions and services for the mining, aggregates, oil and gas industries, as well as on flow control solutions for process industries. The process automation business is divested in 2014.

ExperTune Inc., acquired by Metso (now Neles), is known for its products used as software tools to analyze and monitor the performance of industrial processes, and to identify the associated maintenance and improvement opportunities. 

Expertune PID Loop Optimizer.

Neles high pressure ball valves, series XH & XS ensure long lasting service life even in the most demanding applications in oil and gas processing.

A new greenfield valve technology center opens in South-Korea to produce globe valves for customers in the refining and power industries.

The Neles™ ND9000 intelligent valve controller family expands with an option for the oil and gas industry operating in sub-zero temperatures.

Neles ND9000 intelligent valve controller.

Service sales pick up speed: New service centers open in Peru, Mexico, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar.

In 2015, the Process Automation Systems business is sold to Valmet.

The Neles™ BWX butterfly valve was developed in close collaboration with Linde's Engineering and Gases divisions as a solution that could be applied to their new challenging cryogenic and oxygen services with high tightness requirements. The valve is also meeting the requirements of various process industries, including air separation unit (ASU), liquefied natural gas (LNG) and turbine business.

The diagnostics of the Neles NDX™ provide up-to-date information on control valve performance, enabling improvements in process efficiency. The NDX offers online remote control valve monitoring.

Metso (now Neles) signed an agreement to acquire the valve automation division of the India-based valve technology company Rotex Manufacturers and Engineers Pvt. Ltd (RMEPL). The acquisition complemented the actuation and valve automation offering and enabled a full range of actuators for all major valve markets and a broader offering of limit switches for mid-market applications.

Today, most of the products are sold as Easyflow by Neles™ solutions. The Easyflow by Neles™ includes a wide portfolio of valves, actuators, limit switches, and solenoid valves, designed to work together with common interfaces.

Neles WearBlock™ is a name introduced in 2018 for products and solutions based on powder metallurgy (PM) technologies and unique wear protection materials, which the company has developed during the last 10 years, and delivered since 2014.

Neles WearBlock™ solutions maximize reliability and uptime in erosive and abrasive applications. The innovative WearBlock™ bi-metal valves utilize advanced powder metallurgy to bind together standardized valve construction materials and unique wear protection materials covering the wear exposed surfaces inside the valves.

Neles™ heavy duty scotch yoke actuator, series N1 is designed for use with quarter turn valves in both modulating control and on-off service. 

Neles delivers mission-critical flow control innovations, technologies, and services for the continuously evolving needs of global process industries. Re-born in the partial demerger of Metso on July 1, 2020, Neles is 100% committed in reinventing reliability in flow control.

Neles’ new state-of-the-art valve technology center in China starts operations. Jiaxing’s manufacturing layout is designed with the latest technologies for efficient and environmentally friendly mass production of high-volume standard valve products.

This year, we have the privilege of not only celebrating our first year as an independent company after the partial demerger, but also celebrating Neles’ 65th anniversary. At Neles, we move together towards the future of flow control. #Neles65 #NelesJourney 


Neles delivered its first valve with a 3D printed valve body for field testing at Teollisuuden Voima’s power plant in Finland. The project is done in cooperation with Teollisuuden Voima and Fortum.

“3D printing can help us to optimize valves for customer-specific needs in various applications and with all valve types. These tests will also provide valuable information for our product development teams, as they are constantly looking for new ways to improve reliability, performance, and material efficiency,” says Jukka Borgman, Director of Technology Development at Neles.

The new versatile butterfly valve product range enables easy valve configuration for an extensive range of applications in all process industries. With this range, customers can easily pick the features, functionalities, and materials they need to create a robust and reliable butterfly valve that meets their exact requirements,” says Taija Hämäläinen, Vice President of Butterfly Valves at Neles.

Neles signed an agreement to acquire the valve and pump businesses of Flowrox to accelerate growth in mining and metals. The acquisition will enable Neles to better leverage growth opportunities in minerals processing applications. The closing of the acquisition is estimated to take place in November 2021.

The merger of Neles to Valmet has been completed on April 1 2022, Neles is now Valmet’s Flow Control business line. 

Valmet is known for its strong commitment to moving its customers’ performance forward and for sustainable business practices. It develops and supplies a unique combination of competitive and reliable process technologies, services and automation solutions globally and now the offering is complemented with flow control solutions. 

We will continue to offer the same extensive flow control portfolio as before - industry leading valves, valve automation solutions and related services under the renowned Neles, Neles Easyflow, Jamesbury, Stonel, Valvcon and Flowrox product brands.

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