Valves for petrochemical applications

Efficiency, value and cost optimization

Today’s petrochemical producers face ever-increasing regulatory, environmental and performance demands. Now, more than ever, you need more than just a valve supplier. You need a reliability partner who offers deep application knowledge with a complete offering of technologies, customer support and services.

Flow control solutions for petrochemical applications

Your partner in petrochemicals

With over 65 years of valve engineering experience behind us, our products are famous for their reliability. We offer you a single-source solution for efficient running of your plants, ensuring trouble-free operations. Every valve we sell is backed by our comprehensive service including technical training, experienced applications assistance, full maintenance and repair, and support. Valve installation is only the beginning. We understand the complex demands of petrochemical processing and are trusted for our expertise, built up over more than half a century of product development and successful partnerships.




Our valves help in the manufacture of petrochemical commodities including ethylene, propylene, polyolefins, aromatics, and associated by-products such as ethylene oxide (EO), ethylene glycol (EG), monoethylene glycol (MEG), purified terephthalic acid (PTA) and many more.

Aromatics: Benzene, toluene & xylenes (BTX)

Aromatics complexes are used to produce benzene, toluene and xylenes. These products are extremely dry and create surface friction. Our valves ensure protection against erosion by providing suitable coatings for trim materials.

P-Xylene separation valves

Our metal-seated rotary ball valves are hard-coated and low temperature compatible, minimising friction and wear. Furthermore, quick response and high cycle compatibility is ensured with the Neles SwitchGuard™ controller.

Benzene and toluene extraction valves

In this process, valves must be able to withstand half- or full vacuum conditions, as well as ensure accurate emission control due to the flow medium’s toxicity. Our triple-eccentric butterfly valves boast a robust design, resulting in extended service life while reducing material and piping costs.

Smooth petrochemical projects

  1. EPC FEED phase:
    Close cooperation with end users, process licensors and FEED EPC’s to meet all project requirements and specifications.
  2. EPC bidding phase:
    Strong project knowledge supported by modern digital budgetary price estimation tools and global presence.
  3. EPC awarded phase:
    Full product coverage, engineering support and digital tools from single supplier.
  4. EPC execution phase:
    Fully documented engineering know-how.
  5. EPC commissioning and start-up phase:
    Field service support and consultancy to optimize operational spare part availability.

Technologies and services for better performance

  • Reliable and accurate solutions for control, on-off and emergency shutdown applications from the industry’s widest valve portfolio.
  • Easy, safe and reliable performance with solutions such as intelligent valve controllers, advanced diagnostics software and loop tuning.
  • Comprehensive expert services available globally, from commissioning and start-up support to predictive maintenance planning.

Insights into petrochemical applications

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