Valves for geothermal energy.

Valves for geothermal energy

Efficient and reliable valve solutions for geothermal energy

Geothermal is a clean and renewable source of energy. These plants and methods used to create this energy range from large scale geothermal power plants that take years to build to modularized, prefabricated power plant systems commissioned on site in weeks.

Why do we need valves for geothermal energy?

High performance and accuracy from Valmet

Meeting stringent plant safety and reliability requirements related to silica scaling, high pressure, and flashing

Low-cost, low-frequency maintenance thanks to easy-to-assemble valve design

Maximal energy usage and minimal pressure loss due to high-capacity body and trim designs

Addressing the challenge of scaling in geothermal processes

As a rule of nature, when water evaporates, solids like silica, lime, and calcium inevitably remain. Even if minimized with inhibitor chemicals, the build-up of precipitates in the valve leads to leakage. This amplifies the scaling, eventually resulting in complete failure of the valve. Valmet valves offer several solutions to alleviate this problem.

Complete valve solutions for geothermal applications

Eccentric plug valves

Neles Finetrol™ – The perfect solution for separator level control (LCV)

  • No dead points in the seat or body cavity where brine can accumulate
  • No friction between seat and plug means no damage or increase in torque
  • Even with heavy scaling, interaction between the still plug and the seat ensures that the valve continues to operate

Neles Finetrol for separator level control

Ball valves

  • Solid scraper seat design
  • The precise construction of superior emergency dump valves (EDV) ensures the reliable opening of the brine line

High-performance butterfly valves

Neles L-series

  • Thanks to the unique pure metal-to-metal seat, the area stays clean and tight even with heavy scaling


Jamesbury Wafer-Sphere™

  • Flexible, one-piece seat
  • Field-tested and proven TSO valve for ORC/binary geothermal power plants

Valve solutions for geothermal energy

Reliable valves for geothermal energy production

Scaling and media solids

The valves applied to control the steamy process flow coming from the boreholes drilled to the ground will come into contact with loosened soil from the ground that can contain silica, sand and other abrasives, which can cause numerous valve challenges including erosion and clogging. Valves in this application need to overcome the presence of solids while still being able to accurate control capabilities.

After steam comes out of the ground valves become critical to the safe and efficient operation of the turbines. In this case extreme measures must be taken to protect the turbine, pumps and people working in the area. Poor valve selection or maintenance could result in damages to turbine blades, superheater and reheater tubes or cause overheating in the pump.

Knowing geothermal applications

Given the breadth and sophistication of our Neles™ and Jamesbury™ product lines, we can be a single-source supplier of valve and automation technology to geothermal plants including control and on-off valves of the butterfly, globe, segment and ball valves ranging from 1’’ to 54’’. Using Valmet as the sole supplier of flow control technologies helps our customers to reduce spare parts inventory and maintenance costs while also mitigating the stress of procurement and commissioning.

At the wellhead, control valves, such as Neles Finetrol™ and R-series segment valves are in wide use by many customers at the drill hole exits. On the turbine side, soft seated Jamesbury Wafer-Sphere™ valves and Neles metal seated triple eccentric disc valves are commonly applied.  

We have considerable experience helping customers to size and select the right valves for geothermal service. The Nelprof™ valve selection software is also available to help engineers with valve sizing and calculating calculate flow characteristics. Once in service, FieldCare™ Device and Asset Management software helps to carry out predictive maintenance with live monitoring of the valve performance.

High performance and control accuracy

We offer accumulated knowledge gained through experience from several geothermal power plants in Iceland, Turkey, Mexico, USA, Indonesia and Kenya. Reliable valve solutions featuring high control performance and control accuracy play a significant role in extracting geothermal energy from the heat of the Earth.

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