Valves for steam turbines.

Valves for steam turbines

Improving reliability and productivity of your process

Steam turbines should operate efficiently, safely, and reliably. Valmet's comprehensive valve offering provides an ideal solution for each type of steam turbine.

Reliable valves and services for steam turbines

High capacity, accurate control and safety

High capacity at accurate steam control and safe trip functionality is required.

The application requires steam control valves with high capacity (high Cv-value) along with excellent controllability. A fast closing is required from the steam isolating valves also known as trip-valves.

High performance valves

Our comprehensive valve offering provide for each type of steam turbine an ideal solution with butterfly valves for low pressure and intermediate pressure control and fast shut-off. Neles™ butterfly provide high capacity with less pressure loss. Jamesbury™ Wafer-Sphere™ valves provide a superior long-term with zero leakage.

All valves are capable for very fast stroking in case of trip situation.

Significant savings through high capacity

Our high performance butterfly valves with 2-shaft design and special disc shape offers an outstanding capacity, that provides a possibility to reduce pipeline diameter compared to single shaft designs. Full metal seat design provides low torque leading to a compact, light unit with small actuators compared to other seat types.


  • High capacity leads either to higher efficiency of turbine or you may save costs due to smaller valve & pipe size and smaller actuator
  • For a typical pneumatically operated low-pressure steam induction valve unit the saving of from a 20”unit to a 16” is up to 30%
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