Valves for unconventional power generation

Improving reliability and productivity of your process

Processes in unconventional power generation require extreme reliability from valves and equipment. Neles high performance valve solutions provide high process efficiency and long uptime through high capacities and right valve selection.

Reliable valves for unconventional power generation

Extreme reliability and safety

Extreme reliability  and state of the art valve design in accordance with industry standards, competence to select right valve solution according to the process with high quality manufacturing results safe plant operations. Right maintained process valves with a clear maintenance plan and Neles service near unconventional facilities help shutdown planning.

Meeting Safety Class 3 requirements

Given the breadth and sophistication of our Neles™ and Jamesbury™ product lines, we can be a reliable and long-term supplier of valve and automation technology to unconventional power plants. Standard product offering including metal seats can be used in either process systems of safety class 3 or  other typical processes of power plant.

Wide offering of control and on-off valves includes butterfly, globe, segment and ball valves ranging from 1’’ to 80’’ or bigger. Using Neles as the sole supplier of flow control technologies helps our customers to reduce spare parts inventory and maintenance costs while also mitigating the stress of procurement and commissioning.

On the turbine side of conventional power generation, soft seated Jamesbury valves and Neles metal seated valves are commonly applied.

We have considerable experience helping customers to size and select the right valves for thermal power plant services. The easy-to-use Nelprof™ valve selection software is available to help engineers with valve sizing, selection and calculating flow characteristicsto ensure perfect valve usability in the process. Once in service, Valve Manager™ software helps to carry out predictive maintenance with live monitoring of the valve performance.

Global support

Neles has broad network of valve supply centers including service solutions around the globe supporting customers in critical duties such as maintenance and delivering spare parts needed for long and reliable uptime.

Neles has gained its position as a reliable process valve solution supplier through deliveries to critical positions in unconventional power plants that were built decades ago but are still up and running.

  • Long-lasting performance by means of Neles maintenance plans for industry customers
  • Environmental friendly design with 3rd party certifications
  • Competence and experience for right valve selection

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