Valves for Waste-to-Energy plants

Reliable solutions for turning waste to energy

We at Valmet are dedicated to delivering products and services that have been developed to address the Waste-to-Energy (WtE) sectors need for increasingly safe, sustainable and efficient processes.

How can our valve solutions support the sustainable conversion of waste into energy?

Helping you deal with growing demands

Waste-to-Energy (WtE) and Biomass-to-Energy (BtE)

Ensuring efficiency, sustainability and low operating costs are key issues when you operate a Waste-to-Energy (WtE) plant or an Energyfrom-Waste (EfW) facility. In addition, it is getting more challenging to comply with environmental regulations and process requirements. Whichever raw material you convert to energy, from municipal waste (MSW) to industrial waste or biomass (BtE), you have to ensure your valves can keep up.

Reliable and fully compliant valves

Valmet is your partner for reliable valves that comply with regulations, even under the toughest conditions. Whether you need reliable, certified burner management valves, or accurate steam control and SIL3 loop capable trip valves or valves for controlling hot dirty toxic gases and catalysts, our experts will find the right valve for each application based on our long experience. The solutions we provide are reliable and fully compliant with the applicable regulations.

For a wide variety of applications

We offer a wide product portfolio with valves for all types of plant units:

  • dryers
  • incinerators
  • gasifiers
  • steam production units
  • turbine islands
  • flue gas purification units


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