Valves for industrial gas processing

Improving reliability and productivity of your process

Are you concerned about interruptions in your customers’ gas supply? So are we. With 70% of the world’s industrial gases flowing through Neles™ valves, we know it is critical to avoid the slightest process disruption. We work with you at every stage to make the production of industrial gas safe, efficient and profitable at all times – because for us, every detail matters.



70% of industrial gases flow through Neles valves


60+ years of experience in the industrial gas business


Leading valve supplier for industrial gas applications


400+ service professionals in over 40 countries around the world

Reliable valves and services for industrial gas processing

How do you future-proof yourself from unplanned situations? It takes a partner with 90 years of experience in the industrial gas business to help you plan and optimize your processes and minimize maintenance costs. We offer a complete flow control portfolio and the widest selection of applications to address all your industrial gas business needs.

What it takes to meet industrial gas challenges  

Neles is uniquely equipped to help you meet the rigorous daily demands of today’s industrial gas processing business.

Our valves lead the world in ultra-reliable, high-performance industrial gas flow control solutions. Neles has been providing valves to meet the industry’s most demanding challenges across the entire range of diversified industrial gas processes, including cryogenic, adsorption and membrane technologies.

You can select from our complete portfolio where all products are compliant with the latest environmental or SIL requirements. And if you need more, we can design components and assemble devices according to your specific needs.

Easy maintainability, high cycle rates, best-in-class tightness – these are only some of the characteristics that make Neles valves the preferred choice for leaders in industrial gas.

Uninterrupted performance and no surprises

Neles highly skilled field service experts provide the support you need to reach maximum plant availability and reduce operational costs. Local support teams guarantee that our proven methodology is available to you any time day or night. Our job is to make sure your industrial gas processes are always under control and give you peace of mind about the safety of your operation. When the service is performed by a true expert, there are no surprises.

Plus, our innovative smart flow control technology makes you a valve expert, too. Equipping your plant with reliable and functional valves gives you all the advanced predictive maintenance features you need to be in charge. You’ll get quick detection of any performance changes so you can be assured of high maintenance efficiency and uninterrupted performance. 

Let’s innovate together to make unplanned shutdowns a surprise of the past.

Valves for different applications in industrial gas processing

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