Valves for marine industry

Improving reliability and productivity of your process

Feeling the weight of new emission limitations and rising costs? With increasing pressures to keep your vessels operating as efficiently and safely as possible, you need a globally acknowledged expert to help you navigate the rapidly changing regulations at sea. Neles™ has designed and manufactured valves for marine industry for over 65 years.

Reliable valves and services for marine industry

For over 65 years, Neles has been working in the areas of fuel handling, chilled water systems, hydraulics, ventilation systems, seawater desalination and many other offshore applications. Our flow control solutions help you effectively deal with corrosion, vibration or extreme temperatures. Neles got the valve for you.

Navigating stormy seas for safety, compliance, speed

Every safe and successful voyage needs a comprehensive line of reliable and environmentally compliant valves – because details matter. Our solutions deliver on your specifications, with the highest availability and operational economy. Not only are Neles valves dependable – Neles people are, too.

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