Valves for fiber line.

Valves for fiber line

Improving reliability and productivity of your process

Valmet's Neles™ valves have been used for over 60 years in fiber line applications. Our long history in chemical pulping provides the right, reliable valve solutions for a wide variety of processes. Typically, a fiber line consists of the following subprocesses: wood handling, cooking, washing and screening, bleaching and drying.

Reliable valves and services for fiber line

Process control

The ability to control the process is critical for pulp quality and yield. High consistencies appear in cooking, which limit the valve selection. Valves are usually positioned in places that are difficult to maintain.

The bleaching process requires the use of special valve materials, according to the bleaching agent. Valmet can offer these valve materials as standard. More and more bleaching stages operate at a medium consistency level.

Valmet was the first valve manufacturer to introduce MC segment valves in which the body is equipped with a flushing connection and the flow path is continuously increased to eliminate restrictions where material may build up.

Wide product range

In control applications, V-port segment valves are recommended for better controllability of the flows. High consistencies require the use of ball or segment valves. That's why a wise use of butterfly valves, for example in steam services, can reduce costs significantly. In such applications, Valmet offers triple eccentric disc valves, which are cost efficient and suitable for many applications.

Valmet's ball valves offer the assurance of better operation and are easy to maintain. High quality and tightness properties make them ideal for shut-off purposes. Environmental leakages can be reduced with live-loaded packing installed inside the shaft.

Stable process

  • Good controllability results in better pulp quality and yield
  • Fouling can cause extra maintenance; preventing it can increase production
  • Good reliability reduces the need for maintenance and is beneficial for valves installed in difficult places
  • The total costs of valves are significantly reduced with the use of butterfly valves in the right applications
  • A plant's environmental impact can be reduced and safety improved with a tight shaft sealing
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