Valves for recycled fiber.

Valves for recycled fiber

Improving reliability and productivity of your process

More than half of the raw materials used by the world’s board and paper industry is waste paper. This illustrates the great importance of waste paper for the paper industry. Most likely, waste paper will play an even more important role in the future, affected by legislation, regulations and general opinion.

Reliable valves and services for recycled fiber processing

Processing recycled fibers

The technology of processing recycled fibers is more complex than that used for virgin fibers, which includes chemical and mechanical fibers, because of the composition of the raw material. The goals in processing waste paper are to restore the original properties of the paper fiber and to remove impurities.

The removal of printing inks is called de-inking. The aim of de-inking is to produce recycled pulp that is as white and pure as possible. Prior to de-inking, the printing ink must be released from the fiber. The ink is then removed by flotation and washing. The removal and separation of printing inks requires the application of both chemical and mechanical methods.

Flawless valve operation

Valmet has gone one step further by applying the innovations and technologies developed for the severe-service valves to the recycled fiber process.

The reliability offered by Valmet's valves helps paper mills to run more efficiently and meet yield targets. They also help to support overall system uptime and reduce maintenance costs and the frustration that comes with poorly performing valves.

Unique product range

Valmet is a leader in providing the right valve solutions for de-inking plants (DIP) and old corrugated container plants (OCC). We are your single source supplier, from simple shut-off to control solutions, featuring segment, butterfly and ball valves. Because the whole de-inking plant includes several important process stages, flawless valve operation is essential. The R-series segment valve offers the best control features for consistency control, while Valmet's Neles triple eccentric butterfly valves are used in on-off applications, where excellent tightness is needed. Butterfly valves are also a cost-effective solution for control purposes in low-consistency applications.

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