Valves for refining industry.

Valves for refining

Improving reliability and productivity of your process

Is your mission to make your oil refinery a safe, sustainable and profitable business? That’s our mission too. We partner with you over the entire lifetime of your plant to make your oil refinery a business success. We apply our comprehensive industry knowledge at every turn, from planning and choosing the right valves to lifelong operations.


Hundreds of refining customers around the world

Improving efficiency by reducing process variability 

Over 50 years of experience in the refining industry

400+ service professionals in more than 40 countries 

Reliable valves and services for refining industry

Valmet has delivered valves to the refining businesses in over 100 countries for the past 60 years. We have helped hundreds of customers improve their process reliability, productivity, safety and sustainability with application-appropriate valve solutions.

During these times when progressively stringent standards may threaten your mission, our skilled experts in over 40 countries on 4 continents won’t let you down.

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Single-source supplier for thousands of flow control needs

An oil refinery requires thousands of unique flow control components, but you only need one single-source supplier for complete coverage of all your individual processes – Valmet.

We have a long and proven history of supplying valves, actuators and positioners to the world’s leading refining companies for their end-to-end processes. As a result, we pride ourselves on thoroughly understanding and meeting your needs.

Our products cover all regular on-off and control applications, as well as those for more demanding refining applications, including switching valves for hydrogen production in PSA units, valves for catalyst applications or special sulfur-handling valves. We offer standard or customized severe service solutions. All Valmet products guarantee long-lasting tightness for the expected operational uptime between the shutdowns – exactly what you need for faultless and profitable operation of your refinery business.

Get dedicated and intelligent support

Working with Neles means you benefit from our global yet tight-knit network of experts dedicated to being forerunners in safety and sustainability. You also get your own team of highly trained flow control professionals ready to assist you reach the highest product quality. Whether you need to choose the right product for some of your toughest applications or want to efficiently plan and execute a shutdown, we can help you reach your target. Together, we can work to reduce maintenance and process operational costs.

And new digital technologies allow us to do so faster and more efficiently than ever before. We use intelligent solutions to ensure timely, top-quality service – because for us, every detail matters.

At last, you can spend less time worrying about environmental and operational issues and more time focused on unprecedented uptime and profits.

Valves for different applications in refining industry

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Flow control customer cases.

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