Valves for burner management systems.

Valves for burner management systems

Improving reliability and productivity of your process

In burner management systems, dependable performance of fuel gas and oil shut-off and control valves is vital to human and environmental safety. Reliable, long-term cycling and tight sealing keep hazardous emissions in check, prevent costly system shutdown and optimize heater efficiency.

Reliable valves and services for burner management systems

Ensuring maximum safety, quality and uptime

Burner management systems demand the highest level of on-off and safety valve performance. Emergency shutdown (ESD) and venting valves must close under all circumstances and meet the toughest fugitive emissions standards.

Seat design and materials must provide superior long-term tightness that withstands a high number of thermal cycles and valve strokes.

Control of the fuel supply to the burners requires an intelligent valve solution that provides high Cv and rangeability while handling impurities in the fuel line.

Valves built for peace of mind

Valmet's certified Neles™ high-performance valves offer uncompromised safety in the burner management system and deliver maximum process uptime with minimal maintenance.

Soft-seated ball valves for ESD, venting and burner shut-off ensure full tightness even after years of services. Live-loaded emission packing in the valve stem prevents leakage of hazardous media. Intelligent control valves offer wide rangeability and high Cv with a patented trim design that easily handles dirty fuel gas and oil.

Valmet offers you certified solutions for extreme conditions with global acceptance by 3rd party type approvals in gas and oil fired systems and adherence to fugitive emissions, SIL 3 and fire safe standards. It is your assurance of valve reliability, safety and quality. In other words, peace of mind.

A total package, totally reliable

In processes involving the control of hazardous and flammable fuel gas and oil, there’s no room for error. You need a reliable solution that not only ensures safety, but also avoids unnecessary shutdown, which can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars daily.

Certified Valmet solutions are more than a collection of components. They are designed, engineered and tested as complete, fully-integrated assemblies. All components are preselected and verified by Neles, with single-source responsibility. This guarantees a reliable product backed by outstanding support.

  • Robust design for long service life
  • Long lasting tightness
  • High control accuracy
  • Reduced engineering costs of entire project
  • Certification ensures safety, compliance and reliability
  • Speeds up the on-site approval process
  • On-line diagnostics enables predictive maintenance
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