Jun 20, 2016

Better service through industry understanding

Expert services are helping improve business performance

Industrial Gas production

Industrial Gas production is an extremely demanding process. While safety and ensured availability remain critical, customers also demand products and services that are geared towards maximizing process efficiency and profitability. It takes a dedicated and experienced service partner like Neles to help you optimize your process and minimize maintenance costs at the same time. The services we offer have been developed by our experts to address the specific needs of both the process and the business. 

We ensure the presence of skilled service experts near you, and help formulate cost-effective and highly individualized maintenance strategies. A service plan based on installed base and criticality analysis and an inventory audit enables the optimized use of your resources, and down the line a modernized and harmonized installed base helps reduce maintenance costs. Device management services and genuine spare parts ensure maximized availability and an extended runtime between shutdowns. Unplanned shutdowns can be virtually eliminated with intelligent maintenance based on device condition analysis and planning of preventive maintenance. 


The text has been up-dated in July 2020, due to company name change to Neles.

Published in Results flow control customer magazine 1/2016.