Jun 12, 2015

Knowledge, People and Solutions

Process uptime, safety and productivity are what typically count when speaking about different industrial processes. Correctly selected process control valves greatly support uptime, safety and productivity targets but also help to minimize the maintenance costs and time. Neles have all the required capabilities to help customers in both general and even the most demanding control valve applications, now even better than ever.

Text: Jari Kirmanen and Vesa Lempinen
Photos: Vilhelm Sjöström

Application based valve selection and knowledge combined with Neles’ extensive and field proven control valve products provide the most attractive solution from both an end user and an engineering company perspective.

Mr. Lempinen points out, “The key to successful control valve selection starts from application and process information. The control valve type will be selected based on application requirements, keeping in mind also the economics and total cost of the valve ownership. During the early phases of valve selection process critical or severe applications requiring special care should be identified. Correct control valve selection leads also to lower maintenance costs and returns significant benefits from a process controllability point of view.

“One of Neles’ key values is demonstrating that, at Neles, we succeed through the success of our customers. We want to streamline our tools and processes up to the level where selecting and buying Neles control valves is as easy as possible. We want to be close to our customers to understand his/her challenges in order to find solutions, creating also values other than just supplying high quality and reliable products on time. These services may help him/her to optimize plant design or simply save his/her time during the project,” explains Mr. Kirmanen.

He continues, “In addition to expanding our product portfolio and delivery capability our new strategy puts more focus on strengthening our capabilities to serve our customers during the design phases of the engineering projects. Providing services such as in-house engineering, we want to help our customers to meet his/her project KPIs.” Neles’ global organization takes care of supporting the customer during the complete life cycle of the control valve. Dedicated project teams together with global sales and service capabilities ensure seamless operation and support from the early phase of the engineering project right through to start-up and beyond during the operational phase of the valves.

Previously published in Results flow control 1/2015 and Valve World magazine, June 2015 issue, as sidebar of the article 'Welcome to uptime'.

The text has been up-dated in July 2020, due to company name change to Neles.