Oct 4, 2016

Delivering modern solutions to the rapidly changing pulp and paper industry

Mika Sjöholm
Mika Sjöholm
Vice President, Key Accounts and OEM Business

We live in a world of constant change. Pairing our industry-leading valve solutions with new digital technologies allows us to serve our pulp and paper industry customers all around the world, faster and more efficiently than ever before.

Worker at Neles factory

Most of the true pulp and paper industry-specific valve innovations over the years have come from Neles. Perhaps that is why we are the global market leader in valve solutions and services for this industry. Our installed base is huge, as we have supplied valves to almost all the pulp and paper mills around the world over the past 60 years, and 75% of the world's pulp flows through our valves. But this is not enough for us. We intend to further solidify our leading position by continuing to develop new innovative valve solutions and services that bring benefits to the global pulp and paper industry.

Changing with the times

As the demand for printing grades is decreasing due to the growth of electronic media, the demand for packaging grades is increasing as more and more items are bought online and need delivery packaging. Many paper machines are being converted into board machines, especially in the Nordic countries. In the pulp business, new production capacity is being built by expanding existing mills and building new ones.

We want to help mills meet these new challenges, improve process efficiency, boost business profitability and promote sustainability throughout the mill life cycle. For years, we have also been supporting our customers with the widest product portfolio on the market and a range of value-adding services. In the future, we also see our services including, for example, energy efficiency analyses that reveal whether valves and control loops are operating in the most optimal way.

More through digitalization

Digitalization, one of today’s megatrends, is a direction into which we are also expanding our services continuously. We want to utilize new digital tools and services to improve the customer experience. We can even monitor device condition and performance remotely and efficiently plan and execute preventive maintenance operations on your behalf.

Also, the Device Management Solution, a digital tool that helps optimize spare parts inventory and coverage, related costs, storage space requirements and delivery times, gives you an up-to-date view of your entire installed base at any given time. With thousands of valves in a pulp or a paper mill, when you are in a great hurry, finding the correct information about a specific product in the traditional way is like detective work. This is why we have further developed this solution to where we are now capable of delivering our product data in a digital format into the customer’s maintenance system, too.

Delivering real results

This type of solution has been known to enable a reduction in inventory of up to 60 %. In the first years after implementation, you can expect savings of 15-20 % in spare parts expenditure. These are just a few of the ways that we are beginning to see digitalization and the Internet of Things (IoT) bring added value and tangible business benefits to us and our customers.   

We are committed to continuing on this path of continuous development and the utilization of the latest technological advances available on the market. But as we turn to technology for answers, we are not forgetting the value of people, knowledge, and experience. We are also continuously expanding our presence close to our customers and developing our service network. We want to ensure that our customers have access to our support not only during the delivery and startup periods but also during the entire mill life cycle.

This blog post has been up-dated in July 2020, due to company name change to Neles.

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