Jun 16, 2016

Diamonds are created in high pressure – where reliability and trustworthiness count even more

Valtteri Koskinen
Valtteri Koskinen
Senior Product Manager

With increasingly stringent requirements being placed on challenging industrial processes, customers are demanding ever more reliable valve solutions to make their operations safe, environmentally friendly and future-proof for new regulations. These requirements set high-level expectations on a long servicing interval for valves and minimized process downtime. They also lead to high-yield processes for customers.

A reliable valve

High-cycling applications, in particular those with solids containing fluids and emergency shutdown (ESD) safety valves, set additional challenges on valves when it comes to fulfilling customer expectations for valve reliability.

Experience-based solution for high-pressure applications

Neles high-pressure ball valves have a long track record of solid reliability, especially in demanding on-off applications. Moreover, their capabilities have been demonstrated successfully in a wide range of the toughest applications – from power plant applications to oxygen service – in which a controllable and reliable solution plays a key role.

To find a solution that meets modern industry standards and requirements in high-pressure applications, we utilized our over 50 years of experience in engineering and manufacturing ball valves.

Our main design criteria were reliability and trustworthiness – even under the toughest circumstances – the way Neles valves have always been designed.

The result is the Neles XH series ball valve. In pressure classes of ASME 900 / EN PN 160, this valve offers customers a safe and reliable product for a wide range of demanding high-pressure applications.


Customizable solution development with the customer

There is no one universal valve solution to cover all the process applications in the field. Therefore, finding solutions together with our customers has always been important for Neles.

For instance, selecting both the seat construction and the coating based on the application is vital for making valves last, even in the most challenging applications in the field.

By specifying the characteristics of the application, customers can benefit from Neles' wide valve technology know-how, which extends from optimal coating to the latest innovative material technologies.

As a result, customers can take advantage of a low total cost of ownership thanks to fewer servicing needs, a high production yield resulting from long-lasting high tightness, lower energy loss due to valve high capacity, and general trouble-free operation in both shut-off and throttling applications.

Reaching top reliability

The XH series fulfills higher customer requirements for functional safety (IEC 61508-2:2010, SIL 3), low fugitive emissions (ISO 15848), and fire safety standards (API 607).

In addition to the general construction available in sizes 2–24", the XH series includes predetermined construction solutions for erosive coal gasification applications and nickel-based alloy material options for oxygen service.

This blog post has been up-dated in July 2020, due to company name change to Neles.