Jan 6, 2020

Creating value for different customers with different needs

Taneli Naukkarinen
Taneli Naukkarinen
Director of Core Industries, EMEIA Market Area

We are all about delivering tangible results and added value to our customers. While the valves technology itself is at the core of our portfolio, being able to help our customers utilize our solutions to their full potential is an important part of our overall offering. Our expertise and service mentality compliment our product offering, providing true value to both EPC and end-user customers alike.

Visiting customers

A portfolio and processes for efficient EPC operations

In the case of EPCs, who take on entire mill engineering projects from scratch, the engineering through-time is one of the most important factors. If we can do our part to ensure that schedules and deadlines are met, or even better if we can provide accurate information that can cut down the engineering time required, we are providing a value-adding service that has a real monetary value to the EPC customer. And since valves are often among the first parts that need to be specified and ordered, we have the opportunity to give the EPC a healthy head start in their project, possibly enabling earlier project completion down the line. With modern digital tools and active standardization of data, we can speed up the data exchange and specification process considerably. Getting orders in early and ensuring availability and reliable delivery times is one key to a good relationship between us as a vendor and the EPC in charge of a new greenfield mill project.

The wide scope of our offering combined with the advanced understanding we have of pulp and paper processes plays an important role in serving EPCs. These are the customers that are keen on adopting new products and features and selling them on to the end customer. Whether it’s being able to deliver completely new products, or the ability to specify suitable segment valves for on-off service to replace more expensive ball valves, our commitment to innovation and engineering excellence is always well received. Also, being able to lean on our experience in the oil & gas business, we are able to bring over learnings and expertise to serve the new, and rapidly emerging bioproducts processes that are becoming a bigger part of the modern pulp and paper business every day. The strong EPC relationships we forge through collaboration create the vast installed base that is the foundation for our end user customer relationships.

Reliable lifecycle performance for our end users

For the end user customer, we must make sure our offering is always on point. Being able to show and prove the improvements we can bring to controllability, process efficiency and cost efficiency through new innovations such as our intelligent valve controllers is the basis for good service and long-term customer relationships. Digital tools and services such as our Expertune PlantTriage software give the customer a clearer view into the performance of each control loop, allowing us to help them achieve proven process improvements based on real-time accurate data. This also helps achieve the best possible sustainability within operating processes through optimized raw material, resource and energy consumption.

Dedicated expert services and a commitment to understanding and reacting to customer needs is perhaps the most important attribute for a valves partner in the pulp, paper and bioindustry. Being able to bring predictability, reliability and performance through data driven preventive maintenance and optimization makes the big difference. Creating, maintaining and managing an accurate installed base database helps ensure the timely availability of spare parts and reduce the risk of lengthy unexpected and expensive downtimes in production. Nowhere is this as important as in scheduled service shutdowns, where the delivery accuracy and ensured availability are absolutely vital.

Experience and dedication to partnership

We pride ourselves in being a committed partner and reliable service provider. Our more than 40 service centers around the world ensure that we are always close to our customers. We are solution-driven and fast to react, and we understand the processes involved as well, if not even better than our customers. So yes, we sell the industry’s leading valves, but the service and expertise that comes with them is where we really stand out.

This blog post has been up-dated in July 2020, due to company name change to Neles.

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