Sep 16, 2020

How to use data to better understand your equipment

Sami Nousiainen
Sami Nousiainen
Vice President, Service and MRO Business unit

If you’re like many of our other customers, you may be worried about two things – gaining a better understanding of the condition of your equipment, and making your plant more reliable, efficient and safe. They know how to get the best performance from their plants, they need a lot of data. And you may be thinking about that too.

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Using data to make wiser decisions

All too often, plants strive to optimize their output until something breaks – and then they fix it. Yet proactive plants realize that when they’re just fixing things, they’ve lost the game. They’re likely falling short on production, compromising safety and losing money.

By getting more information about the condition of their devices, the owners and operators can reduce unnecessary risk and make smarter decisions for better plant performance.

It has been rewarding to see our customers eager to take advantage of emerging possibilities of digitalization and Industry 4.0 to reach their targets. At the core of this fourth industrial revolution is data.

Digital technology facilitates more accurate and timely data storage and transfer for your installed base management, asset monitoring, maintenance, logistics and more.

Data is the new oil

Therefore, having lots of data is key. It’s even been called the new oil because of its immense value.

Everyone wants to know who has the data and how to use it. Data gives you a deeper understanding of your installed base of devices. It lets you know what valves you have – and their location. With data, you know if they need to be maintained and when.

Today, asset data has become vital information, both strategically and operationally. When combined with process data, this asset data allows plant operators and owners to make more accurate decisions, which lead to improved reliability, safety and efficiency. The more accurate the data, the better the decisions.  

All too often, however, asset data can become easily outdated or damaged. So, keeping accurate data up to date is a huge challenge.

Ask us about data

That’s why more of our customers are turning to us for support. We are in a unique position since we have that valve data. Lots of it! Lots of accurate valve data!

We can support you with historical data, current valve data, valve lifecycle data, data models on how to best take care of your equipment – and diagnostics. This data will help you decide what devices to monitor, what to repair and what to replace. If making sense of data is one of your biggest needs today, we’re here to help.

Our actionable data and informed proposals help you look at your business from various perspectives. You’ll get a more comprehensive view to improve the capabilities and reliability of your plant. You’ll get added value for your business to make better decisions based on the data.

When you need a partner for reliability

To support you in reaching higher reliability, we offer tailored packages to help you plan for your maintenance, shutdowns and turnarounds, and we can build lifecycle plans. Every solution can be customized to help you achieve prioritized goals for safety, availability and profitability. We also collect data from our devices or control network, analyze it and provide you with practical proposals for long-term development with a focus on details that matter.

We can also help you embrace the latest digital tools and Industry 4.0 technologies and show you measurable ways to make your equipment and plants more reliable and efficient. Our tools and knowledge can serve you with a better understanding of the condition of your plant and equipment – and help you operate at your peak performance.

Let us know how we can serve you in a new, more rewarding way to reach your targets and become your reliability partner!

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