Oct 1, 2020

Is your valve maintenance supporting reliability?

Sami Nousiainen
Sami Nousiainen
Vice President, Service and MRO Business unit

We have seen that many plants struggle with finding the right balance in what valves to maintain and when. With our knowledge, we can help you to overcome that challenge.

Valmet experts at a customer site

We know details matter when striving to maintain highly reliable operations. So, we use intelligent maintenance practices that emphasize safety and availability to align with your performance targets.

By partnering with us, you get more and better information – from proper engineer planning to accurate inventory oversight – helping to ensure smooth overhauls and ongoing profitability.

Knowing what not to maintain

Although selecting which valves to maintain is easy, the hard part comes when determining which valves not to maintain. It is also important to have a lifecycle plan as a basis that can provide guidance for you when defining your actions. Our advice is to use specific criteria to select the valves to be maintained.

First, define the goals for your shutdown and then think about the following things:

  • What valves or processes have caused problems?
  • What insight does historical experience or process knowledge give?
  • How critical is the valve, or how severe is the application?
  • Are there maintenance recommendations to support your valve selection?
  • Is diagnostics analysis available, and would that change the picture?
  • Are there any obsolete valves for which spare parts are no longer available?
  • Would there be opportunities in harmonizing your installed base?

What’s more, our digitized field service tools provide comprehensive historical knowledge about valve performance globally. We can use accumulated historical knowledge to your benefit. That helps you ensure correct maintenance and offers the detailed information needed to maintain high-quality operations.

Our field consultants are close by to support you with any of your valve needs. They can provide practical recommendations related to risk avoidance, risk mitigation and performance services over the lifecycle of your plant.

When needed, our dedicated valve expert can even be assigned to your plant to support your long-term maintenance needs.

From a single valve to complete projects

What are some examples of our typical projects? During an average day, customers will often send us their valves. Once received, we examine them and provide a feasibility report.

From regular valve repairs, we can move on to larger maintenance planning, lifecycle planning and even complete shutdown services.

Our technicians can guide you during plant startup and daily operations, help you with troubleshooting or assist with single valve repairs. Larger valve service projects, too, like maintenance planning, complete shutdown planning and execution – even those with challenging shutdown timetables – are all part of our scope of expertise.

The result? A smoother process that saves you significant time and resources.

Problem solving is in our DNA

Over the years, we’ve become a proven field service provider, working on valve maintenance operations around the world. We take your targets into consideration when it comes to the performance, reliability, safety or even the obsolescence of the valves in question. We offer you an entire scope of valve services and can support you throughout the entire lifecycle of your plant.

Our resources and knowledge base is vast. We have 400 service people working in 40 locations in 20 countries and more than 50 years of experience. With our comprehensive oversight, we maintain an average of 20,000 valves a year.

As your reliability partner, our field services team can help you choose the fastest way to minimize plant risk and achieve your targets for the highest levels of safety, availability and profitability.

With our understanding of your valves and application severity knowledge, we can provide you with actionable information that helps you reach your reliability targets and outpace your competition.

The text has been updated in April 2022, due to the company name change to Valmet.

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