Aug 11, 2021

A new generation packed with performance

Karri Vehviläinen
Karri Vehviläinen
Product Manager, Butterfly Valves

As always, the latest generation of Neles Neldisc™ metal-seated and Jamesbury Wafer-Sphere™ soft-seated butterfly valves is built to perform. The modular valve platform leans on field-proven technologies and decades of experience and expertise to meet the challenges of modern industrial processes.

Safety and reliability

The modular nature of the valve construction with three body types, two shaft options and two seat options, allows for up to 12 unique valve configurations. Regardless of valve type and configuration, one thing always holds true: Safety. All of the valve designs take into careful consideration factors such as fugitive emissions, fire safety, PED and blowout proofing. Each valve is constructed using the best possible materials for a wide range of demanding applications.

Standard-driven design

Key industry standards such as API, ASME and EN have always been driving design principles behind these high-performance valves. Whether you are using our triple eccentric metal-seated valves or double offset soft-seated valves, all configurations are suited for use in both key pressure classes, ASME 150 and ASME 300 (PN10-PN40) in terms of valve construction and flange drillings. With the new modular platform, our range now also includes a soft-seated valve with double flanged body. The strong disc and robust design of the lug and double flanged valves also make them an ideal solution for effective dead-end service.

Sustainable performance

As sustainability continues to be an important factor in valve selection, reducing the possibility of external leakages and fugitive emissions is particularly important. Eliminating possible leakage paths in the valve packing and body joints has been a high priority in the design of our butterfly valves. The disc and seat design has been further optimized to ensure long-lasting tight shutoff and low emissions across the entire product family, in both metal- and soft-seated configurations.

Improving efficiency

The ability to achieve the highest flow capacity available on the market today with both the drive shaft and the trunnion shaft design helps increase overall plant efficiency considerably. Also, the robust valve construction and easy serviceability helps extend the lifecycle of our valves, reducing downtime and allowing you to make the most of your valves in daily operation.


The modular valve platform paired with the fact that our valves are equally suited for both control and on/off service, means that reliability is improved while the need for on-site spare parts inventory is reduced. The same valve components are suited for use in a vast array of service operations and can also be used to configure and assemble replacement valves locally to speed up the process.

Continuous development

The field-proven fundamental designs for our metal- and soft-seated butterfly valves have stayed largely unchanged over time. At the same time improvements are continuously being made to ensure that our tried and tested Neldisc and Wafer-Sphere valves continue to meet ever-changing and tightening requirements. Each improvement, however small, is always thoroughly tested and implemented with the needs of our customers and their processes in mind.

The text has been updated in April 2022, due to the company name change to Valmet.

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