Aug 19, 2021

One butterfly valve, many uses

Did you know we have nearly a century of combined experience with Neldisc™ metal-seated and Wafer-Sphere™ soft-seated butterfly valves? Today we talked with Petri Ilonen, Product Manager for butterfly valves, about the new modular butterfly valve platform that we have recently introduced. Watch the video interview below to learn more.

Shiny butterfly valves

What do we mean by modularity?

Modularity as a concept allows a high level of standardization while also enabling flexibility so that it can provide the perfect solution for each process.

How does the modular platform work?

The basic principle of the platform is that we always have a standard valve as a base, so the basic features are there. You can then make decisions based on the needs for your process. You can choose from three different body types: wafer, lug, or double-flange. Then you can select the shaft design you prefer: a robust, one-piece shaft design or a high-capacity drive shaft and trunnion design. Finally, you need to decide whether your process requires robust metal-seated valves or high-cycling, bubble-tight, soft-seated valves.

What are the benefits of this versatile butterfly valve platform?

The different materials, constructions and features give you countless possibilities for your process. 

With these three different choices you can configure multiple solutions to best suit your needs – this is true modularity. Then the different materials and constructions as add-ins and the additional features give you countless possibilities for your process.

The next-generation versatile butterfly valves are designed without compromising the performance, safety, and reliability that our products are known for.

Author: Petri Ilonen. For additional information, please contact

The text has been updated in April 2022, due to the company name change to Valmet.

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