Jun 21, 2021

Safer butterfly valves are made in safe environments

We believe that safe products can only be made in safe working environments. Just as we design our valves to be safe for you to install, service and operate, we pay careful attention to the safety of our own production processes.

Butterfly valve painting line

Looking at a product development project such as that of our versatile butterfly valves from the perspective of production, we believe that safe and reliable valve products need to come from a safe production site. Before starting the production of a new product, we start by reviewing the entire production process. A thorough video analysis was carried out on-site and development points identified. We made considerable new investments into the machining process. In a case like this we also always pay attention not only to the efficiency of production and assembly, but health and safety aspects such as ergonomics and safe lifting. We look at the process behind each and every component as well as the assembly of the ready valve that gets shipped out to the customer. The quality of the process is reflected in the quality of the final end product.

The quality of the process is reflected in the quality of the final end product.

Our butterfly valves have been designed with performance in mind. At the same time manufacturing has also been in focus throughout the engineering process. This type of method engineering has been a part of development since the very beginning. This approach has resulted in a number of new innovations and approaches. One such feature that serves everyone from assembly to installation and maintenance has been the inclusion of well-thought-out lifting supports on all valves weighing more than 20 kg. We also aim to always minimize the amount of heavy lifting involved with assembly.

Neles versatile butterfly valves

New investments and custom tools for added safety

Every new development project typically requires investments into new production machinery. The all-new 5-axis machining center was one key investment that brought improvements to the safety and efficiency of the machining process for the unique seat of the modular butterfly valve. The unique machining involved has required both innovative design from our engineers and the addition of new machinery. The right tools and equipment have a positive affect on both the quality of production and the quality of the working environment itself. 

Design and engineering innovations are not limited to the valves we produce. In the case of the modular Neles Neldisc butterfly valve, we not only put new production procedures into place, but we also designed and created custom tools and jigs to bring added safety and quality into manufacturing and assembly. Identifying where improvements in processes could be made and taking the initiative to make those improvements is an important part of creating a working environment that is not only safer, but also more rewarding. I believe the difference can be seen in the performance of our finished products.

Careful testing 

In addition to having defined standard operating procedures in place in production, we also have careful testing procedures in place. This means that each and every valve is stringently tested before shipment, in most cases several times. At the end of the day, safety is something that is taken into consideration every step of the way at Valmet.

Text by Mikko Henttonen. For additional information on the topic, please contact timo.haili@valmet.com.

The text has been updated in April 2022, due to the company name change to Valmet.

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