Dec 14, 2021

Service is a key benefit of the product itself

Antti Henttonen
Antti Henttonen
Director, Service Recommendations and Installed Base

Neles butterfly valves are a trusted part of many industrial processes the world over. There are currently more than a quarter of a million butterfly valves installed around the globe. And this number only includes the valves in our installed base database. In addition to the products themselves our service expertise is often a key reason behind many clients selecting our butterfly valves.

Modular butterfly valve

Service availability

With more than 40 service centers worldwide, we pride ourselves in being close to the customer. This typically means faster response times and better service and spare parts availability regardless of geographical location. Our service staff are experienced and dedicated to delivering premium performance valves back to our customers.

Each year we service and maintain thousands of butterfly valves, mostly as a part of scheduled service shutdowns. A key part of our service offering is providing preventive service recommendations based on collected data and analytics. Our objective is to ensure that service intervals are optimised to make sure there is minimal risk of premature valve failure and expensive unscheduled process shutdowns.

Service intelligence

A long history in delivering butterfly valves also means a wealth of collected historical performance data. We have detailed application-based service recommendations with their roots firmly in statistical analysis carried out on actual customer data. Our data collection and analytics capabilities are greatly improved by our intelligent valve positioners and proprietary Expertune PlantTriage analytics and tuning software.

The serviceability of our butterfly valves in particular sets us apart from many other butterfly valves such as lamella seated ones. For example, with no need for spot welding, repairs and parts exchanges are often easier, faster and more cost-efficient to carry out. Also, in many cases our valves can be refurbished and resurrected for extended service where other butterfly valves on the market would have to be decommissioned and replaced completely.

Neles versatile butterfly valves

Service made simple

When it comes to our next generation versatile Neldisc™ and Wafer-Sphere™ butterfly valves, there are even more benefits related to services. The reduced torque need allows for the use of smaller valve-actuator packages, making them easier and safer to handle and maintain. Also, the possibility to use smaller actuators means that there can be less actuator variations stocked on-site as spares.

The simple and modular construction of these valves is one of the key benefits. A significant reduction in spare parts inventory can be achieved as all body types share the same spare parts.

The simple and modular construction of these valves is one of the key benefits. A significant reduction in spare parts inventory can be achieved as all body types share the same spare parts. This in essence means that you only have to stock one type of spare parts set, rather than sets for each and every valve series. This harmonized spare parts approach reduces capital tied to spare parts inventory and possibly even the space required for on-site parts storage.

Promise of support

Our customers turn to us for quality and reliability in flow control applications. It is the unique combination of industry-leading products and experienced expert services that allows us to deliver on our promise of long-lasting reliability and accurate performance. Our services comprise of dedicated problem-solvers and a wealth of insight that lets us anticipate and proactively address our customers’ service and maintenance needs.

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