Aug 24, 2021

The [valve] parts make the whole

Mikko Hanski
Mikko Hanski
Head of End-user and OEM Business, FC MRO and Service Business Line

Selecting original OEM spare parts for your mission-critical valves provides peace-of-mind and ensures the reliability, accuracy, durability, and environmental performance of your valve assemblies and industrial processes.

OEM spare parts ensure quality and safety

Ensuring original quality

Spare parts play an important role over a valve’s lifecycle. The only way to ensure the overall quality and integrity of a valve is to install new components from the original manufacturer produced according to the valves’ initial specifications.

Selecting and installing OEM parts will return the valve as closely as possible to its original performance. In fact, if you have your old valve equipped with only OEM spare parts serviced at one of Valmet’s flow control service centers, we will give your serviced valve a warranty equivalent to that of a brand-new valve.

It is worth remembering that two parts that look the same and have similar dimensions may not be identical. We must also consider things such as material, treatments and tolerances. These are selected for specific valves based on the operating environment and requirements.

Finding the perfect fit

Buying OEM spare parts for your Neles™, Neles Easyflow™, Jamesbury™ or Flowrox™ valves means that you are buying components specifically designed to perform and fit perfectly into your existing valve assembly.

Precision in valves is vital. Discrepancies in spare parts are difficult to detect yet can quickly become a major headache. We have decades of experience and expertise embedded into the design of our valves and spare parts. Every angle at which the disc of a butterfly valve meets the valve body, every curve in the flow pattern through a ball valve, every coating selected for specific conditions – these are the small things that make a big difference.

Making sure of parts availability

When spare parts are needed, they are often needed urgently. We stock standard kits that cover your typical spare parts requirements. When spare parts are needed, they are often needed urgently.

We stock standard kits that cover your typical spare parts requirements. Our logistics processes make sure we have the parts you need either in stock on-site or ready to be dispatched promptly as needed.

It is also worth remembering that when valves require spare parts they have often been in service for a long time, perhaps running continuously for years. Our product lifecycle status model ensures that we offer full service support and spare parts for our products for a minimum of a decade. Even beyond that, once a product is obsolete, we still offer spare parts if they are either in stock or technically viable to manufacture.

Safe and sustainable performance

Sustainability has always been an important part of our valves. We believe in high-quality, responsible, and long-lasting solutions. Fitting high-quality spare parts rather than replacing entire valves improves material efficiency and sustainability across the entire value chain, and can also improve environmental performance and safety.

I urge all our valve customers to place their trust in OEM spare parts. We can only have responsibility for the safety and performance of your valves if they are composed exclusively of all-original parts that have been tested and specified by us.

We are committed to providing the highest quality and reliability across the entire life cycle of your plant. Our valve products and spare parts are fully backed by our expert service organisation and channel partners around the world. The first valve you buy from us is only the starting point. The value we can bring to you and your processes persists over time. This is where our spare parts business plays a key role.


The text has been updated in April 2022, due to the company name change to Valmet.

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