Oct 1, 2021

Why the evolving pulp, paper and bioproducts industry trusts the new modular Neldisc butterfly valve?

Toni Kotiranta
Toni Kotiranta
Head of Industry, Pulp and Paper, Flow Control Business Line

Valmet's flow control business line has a strong history when it comes to valve solutions for the pulp & paper industry. Like many other valves over the years, the Neles™ Neldisc butterfly valve was originally born in the 1970s to specifically serve in pulp and paper mills. Its strong performance gave it a universal appeal beyond just pulp & paper. Today, after undergoing much development, it is still a go-to valve for the rapidly evolving pulp, paper and bioproducts industry.

Neles valves in a bioproduct mill

Heritage of high performance

The fundamental design of the Neldisc butterfly valve has proven itself over time, and has remained largely unchanged in many aspects. The valve went through an extensive overhaul in the 90’s, updating it to meet the requirements of the changing times. Decades later the latest developments in the modular design of the new Neldisc butterfly valves not only allow them to meet the strict requirements of industrial processes today, but they are once more equipped to meet the changing needs of tomorrow.

Almost a third of all valves in a pulp or paper mill are butterfly valves. The Neldisc butterfly valve is often used because it offers seamless on/off and control performance in a variety of valve applications within a mill. In addition to these trusted valves, we provide all of the accessories like actuators, positioners and limit switches, as well as the segment, globe and ball valves that often make up the remaining two-thirds of the installed valves at any given mill. 

Engineered for long-lasting performance

Long-lasting tightness and reliable performance have always been important in the pulp production process.

Long-lasting tightness and reliable performance have always been important in the pulp production process. We may soon see this excellent tightness play an increasingly important role in the industry as we see traditional pulp & paper mills continuing to embrace the utilization of process side streams in the creation of other commercially viable bioproducts ranging from biofuels and -gasses to new sustainable biocomposites.

Compared to the sealing design of many competing butterfly valves, the Neldisc offers truly long-lasting tightness that is consistent and reliable over a longer cycle life with little to no reduction in performance due to wearing parts. The unique seat design that minimizes wear and erosion is a strong customer benefit for the pulp & paper industry. Also, the modular structure of these valves makes it possible to replace just the wear surfaces and parts with ease, with no welding required.

Built for serviceability

As mentioned previously, the new Neldisc enjoys the benefits of smart modular design and engineering. The true benefits for the typical pulp & paper customer become apparent when it finally comes time to carry out service and maintenance on these valves. All spare parts are fully interchangeable, regardless of valve body, sealing ring, shaft or disc.

This modular design means that every butterfly valve in your process, regardless of configuration can utilize the same pool of spare parts, making the spare parts inventory much more simple and efficient. The modular structure also makes the maintenance work itself faster, easier, safer and in many cases less expensive in terms of both parts and labor.

Neles versatile butterfly valves

Designed for a better tomorrow

Being ready for what the future brings is not just about understanding and anticipating the changing needs of the industry and the specific processes and valve applications within. It also means making products that help reduce consumption and environmental impact today. In most cases a more sustainable and environmentally friendly process is also a process that is much more efficient in terms of process performance and profitability.

The lower torque requirement of the Neldisc butterfly valve means reduction in the compressed air needed by the actuator, thus reducing energy consumption overall. The excellent internal and external tightness of the valve also means reduced fugitive emissions and reductions in the waste of valuable energy and flow media. All this makes for a safer operating environment as well as a process that is better for the nature.

The text has been updated in April 2022, due to the company name change to Valmet.

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