Jan 31, 2022

Versatile butterfly valves – A favorite among customers and channel partners

Raimar Hellwig
Raimar Hellwig
Director, Sales and Service

To us, versatility means suitability for a wide range of applications and operating environments. It also means ease, flexibility and reliability. Our range of versatile Neldisc™ and Wafer-Sphere™ butterfly valves are all these things.

Neles modular butterfly valves, different models

Proven concept, strong market and new functionality

For more than 40 years these valves have been the go-to valve for many industries and applications all around the world. The new shared design platform between the metal- and soft-seated valves makes this offering an all-purpose valve solution with universal appeal and virtually endless possibilities. The standardized parts and modular approach make specification, assembly, and installation easier and faster than ever before. The standardized parts also make for simpler and more efficient spare parts inventory and management.

Versatility meets unrivalled quality

Our latest offering of the world’s most versatile butterfly valves is proving a concept appreciated by everyone along the value chain, from distributors and sales channel partners to end customers and users.

The secret to the appeal of the metal-seated Neldisc and soft-seated Wafer-Sphere butterfly valves obviously stems from their known high quality and reliable performance. Factors such as long-lasting tightness, minimized emissions, low torque and high flow capacity are at the core of the offering. Pairing our quality, reliability and performance with a spare parts strategy that now requires fewer spare parts kits, a smaller number of different parts, less space for on-site spare parts stock and improved parts availability makes these valves a favorite among both customers and our sales channel partners.

Truly easy and reliable solutions

When things have been made easy, everyone wins. It’s as simple as that. Our versatile butterfly valves are designed to be fool proof. With these bi-directional valves, it is virtually impossible to install them incorrectly. With standardization ranging from valve body types to shafts, pressure classes and beyond, specifying the correct valve for any application is simple. The valves can be configured and equipped to meet all local standards and certification requirements. The smart “pick and choose” approach is easy, with clear options and a limited number of choices and decisions to make. The thought that has been put into our latest butterfly valves makes them as easy to buy as they are to specify, quote and sell.

Partner feedback drives design improvements

In addition to making sure our versatile butterfly valves meet the needs and requirements of the end customer, this product family has been designed to serve our distributors as well. Valuable information is often passed onto us by our sales channel partners. We regularly implement feedback from the field back into our R&D process. This has also been the case with our latest butterfly valve offering. For example, the optional square drive shaft, which brings added versatility, is based on sales channel feedback. The valves answer many of the end customers’ frequently asked questions pertaining to everything from emissions certifications to dead end service capabilities.

Opening new doors for business in new markets

These inherently simple yet highly versatile butterfly valves are also opening many new doors for our sales partners. The news from the field is that with a product and platform like the one we have today we are able to offer high-quality solutions to markets, industries, and applications previously outside of our scope. While the majority of our business today comes from established customer segments, new markets such as the construction industry are finding the benefits of a more flexible and simple butterfly valve solution.

A winning performance across life cycle and value chain

Our latest offering of the world’s most versatile butterfly valves is proving a concept appreciated by everyone along the value chain, from distributors and sales channel partners to end customers and users. At the same time, we are helping reduce component numbers and freight traffic through parts standardization. The same standard parts that are improving the sustainability performance of the entire value chain are also making valves easier to service and maintain across their extended life cycle. We have a winner on our hands.

The text has been updated in April 2022, due to the company name change to Valmet.

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