Neles™ heavy duty scotch yoke actuator, series N1

High performance scotch yoke actuator

Neles™ heavy duty scotch yoke actuator, series N1

The Neles scotch yoke N1 series actuator is designed for use with quarter turn valves in both modulating control and on-off service. The N1 actuator’s robust design ensures a long life in harsh environments due to unique features such as its internal tie-rod mechanism. This heavy duty actuator has all major approvals to meet industry standards and customer process requirements.


Solid bearing ensures better piston rod alignment and smooth operation

The tie rods are enclosed in the cylinder providing highest corrosion protection and the best performance

Full range of accessories: switchboxes, positioners, safety solenoids (ESD, PST) and customized control panels

Modular design allows the flexibility of configuring the actuator in either CW or CCW / fail open or fail close functions


  • Suitable for on/off, modulating and control valve applications in general service, protective service and safety applications eg. ESD or HIPPS
  • Ductile cast iron center body, fabricated carbon steel power and spring module provides rugged actuator construction. Alternative materials available upon request
  • Suitable for safety integrated systems up to and including SIL 3 accordance with IEC 61508.
  • The vent valve has built in non-return function for IP67
  • Secondary vent valve function is to detect leakages in the rod seal area of pneumatic cylinder
  • Springs are non buckling, lifetime lubricated and epoxy coated
  • Ball bearing, flexi joint and the hardened yoke thrust pin bearing are all incorporated into the actuator for longer life time, smoother operation



  • Emergency shutdown
  • Compressor anti-surge
  • High cycle control and on-off applications
  • High precision control



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